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Don't forget the beginner's mind for transformation and the rapid development of digital printing industry _ digital printing, inkjet printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-07
Takeaway: inkjet printing in the global market is an important focus of application fields are also growing, but also increased the demand for digital inkjet printing. With the high-speed development of Internet, digital has become the focus of all walks of life to pursue, all in to digital transformation, to the digital printing industry is no exception, in 2015, and the rapid development of digital printing industry, has achieved very good results. Ink jet printing on the way of digital fast forward with the expanding of printing color gamut, the improvement of resolution and the increase of the substrate type, the market urgently need more high performance of the ink, the demand to speed up the progress of the ink and printer. Ink and printer technology progress to promote the rapid development of the overall market, a growing number of terminal market from traditional printing to digital printing, inkjet technology to support the inkjet printing is also in the digital road fast forward. Review: inkjet printing in the global market is an important focus of application fields are also growing, but also increased the demand for digital inkjet printing. This demand accelerated the speed of inkjet printing to digital transformation. Paper book digitization production on rice paper book realize digital production appears to be impossible, but the fact is that paper digital ink printing process as a whole has basic normal production, and form a complete set of management pattern is preliminary build up. This technology has won the Chinese printing industry technology innovation awards, become China's printing industry model innovation, to a certain extent for the printing industry and market recognition. Comments: only thought, no couldn't do it! Rice paper digital ink printing process has been recognized by the printing industry, paper book digitization will achieve. Letterpress printing digital trend is unstoppable before China's label industry is still the mainstream printing methods at present is embossed. As the digital direct plate-making technology ( CTP) The emergence and development of, compared with the traditional process, the digital plate-making success rate greatly increased, and digital plate-making comprehensive cost also gradually reduced. Therefore, digital direct plate-making technology application in the field of tags embossed accelerated in. A few years ago, embossed digital direct plate-making technology label printing enterprise is mainly at the top of the pyramid of large enterprises, the current scope has gradually expand to the largest label printing enterprises. Visible, embossed prepress digital development trend is very fast. Comments: embossed digital direct plate-making equipment and plate localization process is speeding up, the price is lower, greatly promote the application speed. According to the current development trend, embossed prepress digital trend is unstoppable. Digital make digital printing digital printing technology in spring and its related industries, in the wind of scientific and technological innovation, rapid development in the global, digital printing presses penetrate all walks with surprising speed, satisfy people demand for print individuality, diversity and flexibility. The global digital printing is booming, from all walks of life have high hopes. In China, digital printing and digital printing is accepted, can drive the key direction of the development of the printing industry, leading the printing industry. In the digital age, digital printing seep into the traditional printing market, not only from traditional printing, almost scored printing for half of the market, but also improve development speed, made the printing market in the future. Comment on: digital printing new digital era, the above printing industry. The digital age, is the spring of digital printing, digital printing will be booming in the digital age. Digital level bring new opportunities for traditional printing equipment to printing equipment enterprises must constantly in all kinds of new technologies to upgrade its quality and performance. Represented by digital technology of printing is unstoppable, and new technology development in the traditional printing technology and equipment dominant period, also must use digital technology reform and improve the automation and digitalization of traditional printing equipment, so as to adapt to the trend of the development of digital printing, step back or slowly, will be eliminated, free-standing self-improvement, innovation and development, have a bright future.
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