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Digital printing is a printing technology development direction, from a technical perspective, China and Europe and the United States and other western developed countries without the gap is too big, but throughout the year

by:Arojet     2021-05-04
Practical applications, we are still behind the western developed countries. At present, the digital printing can only as a traditional offset printing, screen printing and flexo printing, and compared with the CTP technology is digital category, the promotion and application of digital printing, there are obvious gap. At the end of 2010, the relevant state departments have digital printing and digital construction projects included in the work, in the next 3 years to give special support, visible national emphasis on digital printing. Characteristics and application fields of digital printing digital printing is the digital signal to control the color agent directly in the substrates on the position and intensity of the final formation of the visual image of a printing method. The key technology of digital printing including image processing technology and the digital prepress technology, its core is digital printing equipment. Image processing is to simulate image signal is converted into digital image signal, and according to the specific requirements for processing technology, it permeates the whole process of digital printing: in the digital prepress technology will be the original input, word processing, image processing, typography, and color prepress technological process all together, adopting digital works: digital printing machine is high speed hard copy conversion system, it will be high speed digital page converted into high quality monochrome or color print, the current digital printing machine has a static camera, inkjet imaging, electrocoagulation imaging, magnetic recording imaging and ion deposition imaging 5 ways. The characteristics of the digital printing mainly reflects in: 1. Fully realize the digital printing process, it directly convert digital files and pages to print, do not need film and plate between the production process, the traditional printing process greatly simplified, and has the advantage in small amounts of printing and dispatch. 2. Digital printing information can be variable information, two adjacent output print can be completely different, this kind of flexible rapid information variable on-demand printing mode, can greatly increase the enterprise in the fierce market competition advantage. 3. Can be used to layout of transmission through the Internet and realize the different printing. Digital printing is not only, also includes more value-added content. Digital printing is widely application field, including both newspaper printing, publishing, printing, packaging and printing, digital color proofing and large-format colour outdoor advertising, and include digital printing, printing, personalized publications printing, personalized marketing, personalized direct mail printing, electronic supervision code printing, financial and postal bill printing and so on. Application status and existing problems in recent years, the digital printing technology matures, in domestic development is rapid, has been widely used in commercial quick printing, printing, publishing, printing, packaging printing, paper printing and many domains such as finance, telecommunications, and insurance. But compared with the traditional printing, digital printing are still at a disadvantage, and traditional printing many digital printing irreplaceable advantages. So long a period of time in the future, the traditional printing digital printing can only be as good as supplement, not replace the traditional printing soon. From the point of the current domestic market, penetration of digital printing system is still very low. In addition, China's regional development imbalance that faster development is places such as Beijing, Shanghai and guangzhou, the regional demand for personalized printing and on-demand printing is growing rapidly, and the development of the northwest and northeast and other regions is relatively slow. From the perspective of a digital printing business enterprises, some enterprises operating conditions is not very desirable, source of business is insufficient, low equipment utilization, this directly led to the decrease of the profits, or even a loss. This phenomenon for many reasons, but sum up basically has the following points: 1. In Europe and the United States and other developed countries of the people's consumption concept, people are constantly in pursuit of personalized and quick service, but the price is not particularly important, but in our country, in contrast, the dominance of printing consumption, low price and good quality which makes the advantage of digital printing is hard to get into full play. 2. Cost problem at present, the domestic digital printing machine, there are few manufacturers and some production digital printing machine still rely on imports, hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars of high prices, coupled with the equipment to update speed and the risk of the devaluation of the fast, will directly affect the application of digital printing in China. Although the cost of digital printing is declining in recent years, but still can't compared to offset printing, because the price more than the ordinary consumers bear ability, so it is difficult to achieve large-scale application. 3. Technical problems in recent years, digital printing technology has made great progress, the overall printing speed, the digital board, data processing, using of database, the ordinary paper key technical problems such as the ability to adapt and work stability has yet to be further perfect, at the same time, the operating personnel's technical training is also very important. 4. Market problems the prominent characteristics of digital printing is able to adapt to the small batch of color printing, or other on-demand printing needs, this is the development trend of printing market, in the western developed countries have more mature, but in our country has just started, the market demand has not really established, the vast majority of users haven't really realize the advantages of digital printing, digital printing market urgently needs to cultivate. 5. Digital printing equipment performance problems existing at present, the domestic most digital printing width is small, and can print paper and thinner, this limits the digital printing is widely used in the field of packaging and printing, digital printing are not give full play to the advantages of
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