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Digital printing ink jet and electrostatic imaging technology co-exist printing technology for the long term, electrostatic imaging printing, digital printing technology

by:Arojet     2021-05-10
After the financial crisis in 2008, the printing industry into the development downturn, performance is not ideal. But that has not stopped printing the birth of the new technology. Now in the market popular printing technology is that it. Decline in the printing industry as a whole, but as a contrarian growth of digital printing, continue to maintain double-digit annual growth rate. The application of digital printing began printing and printing field, now, in these two areas, digital printing has become the mainstream printing technology instead of the offset printing. And in the field of commercial printing, books and periodicals printing and packaging printing, digital printing are spreading quickly, grab a belongs to the traditional printing market share. Now, digital printing and label printing market, in the eighth session of Beijing international exhibition of printing technology ( CHINAPRINT2013) Exhibited on some specifically for label printing digital printing equipment. Digital printing originated in Europe and the United States. At present, the position in the global market is also from European and American manufacturers, label printing market is no exception. In CHINAPRINT2013 exhibition, exhibition exhibited many overseas manufacturers label digital printing machine, which, especially for HP and two concern. HP is a leading manufacturer of digital printing technology, in CHINAPRINT2013 exhibition, HP's booth is also one of the big booth. HP can provide digital printing system is very much, for the convenience of visiting, HP according to different application fields of the booth, label printing is one of them. In this exhibition, HP at the label printing digital printing machine is HPIndigoWS4600 / WS6600 both web digital printing machine. About HPIndigo advancement and the performance of digital printing presses, actually didn't have to, but only see during the exhibition of tens of thousands of visitors HP label printing, is enough to tell. In CHINAPRINT2013 exhibition, digital label printing machine is another draw attention from SurePressL - 4033AW。 This product has just come out of this year, time on CHINAPRINT2013 appearance is important, it serves to show labels for China market. As is known to all, dominating printing industry is derived from the digital proofing. SurePressL - 4033 aw label printing also inherited consistent excellent print quality, it USES 7 for printing the color of water, so the quality of digital printing is hard to surpass other manufacturers. HP, and an electronic ink technology, a used inkjet printer technology, the two companies have different advantages but the high-profile is consistent, perhaps this also implies that the electrostatic and inkjet the mainstream of the two kinds of digital printing technology will coexist on for a long time. But because CHINAPRINT2013 is not specifically for label printing printing in the field of the exhibition, so some high profile in the field of label printing digital printing manufacturers, such as kang, dawes etc. Exhibit not, other digital printing manufacturers, including kodak, Fuji xerox, Canon, ricoh, konica minolta, etc. , not the label printing as the focus of the exhibition, so the foreign achievements in the field of label printing, digital printing manufacturers may still need to wait until the real label printing exhibition. China industry research network
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