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Digital printing equipment will not be selected! After reading this, you will be


In recent years, digital printing equipment that has emerged by virtue of its market advantages is widely used in commercial printing, image printing, book-on-demand publishing, and small-lot packaging printing. There are boundless business opportunities for the transformation of printing companies, and the requirements for digital printing equipment are different for the printing companies. Some traditional printing companies do not require high printing speeds. They can choose ordinary digital printing equipment to meet the production needs. However, if you want to upgrade to other functional digital printing equipment, you need to choose according to the different configuration of the equipment. Digital printing equipment suitable for the development of the company itself.

For printing companies that serve the high-end market, some brands are quickly identified by typical logos. Like the Starbucks green logo, the Lexus potato yellow-red logo is uniquely identified in color and color, but some brands require overall packaging color to quickly identify them. When the consumer is in front of the supermarket shelf, the brand is quickly identified by color in a pile of retail. This requires relatively strict precision and consistency of the color control of the device, and it is necessary to select a multi-color digital printing device. For companies that serve general commercial printing, four-color printing equipment can be considered. How to maximize the value of digital printing equipment is an enterprise's time to think about when choosing equipment.

Compared with traditional printing equipment, the printing quality of color digital printing systems is largely determined by the function of the printing process software. The printing companies need to know whether the equipment has a perfect color management system when investing in digital printing equipment. Whether the variable data printing system and the printing machine can process printed documents such as PDF, PPML, AFP, etc. It needs to be clear that the conversion of traditional printing to digital printing by printing companies is not a simple printing method. Digital printing technology has been able to meet the digital requirements, personalization and variability are increasingly being explored and used as effective tools.

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