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Digital printing by _ by leaps and bounds to the slow development of digital printing, offset printing, inkjet printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-04
According to a recently released the related forecast, the next year in Japan and the global digital printing machine sales will gradually decline. The reason because of digital printing market gradually tends to saturation state, the second is the copier printing cost reduction and performance improvement, make the digital printing machine increase competitiveness. In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, digital printing can become and traditional offset printing on printing. But, as it has faster growth rate at the same time, it is also gradually tends to saturation. The development of digital printing or slow down in the coming years. Traditional offset printing houses began to enter the digital printing in recent years, some large traditional offset printing enterprise began to look away from the traditional offset printing to digital printing. Global group company, for example, can be said to be the leading brand traditional printing areas, are famous for their offset printing experts, however, in the last year drew the fair, global group to show the global printing industry, deduce the combination of the traditional offset printing and digital inkjet technology: KBARotaJET76 digital inkjet printer. In addition to the above companies, those engaged in traditional printing machinery manufacturing enterprises have also drew on the exhibition introduced a new type of digital printing machinery. For example: a small, digital printing system was introduced in drew on the exhibition, Heidelberg is launched its digital printing machinery. And man Roland, sakurai, the optimal ratio of traditional offset printing machine manufacturing enterprises have also drew the exhibition shows their digital printing products. Of course, in our country there is also a part of the traditional printing machinery manufacturing industry began to enter the field of digital printing. On drew the convention and exhibition, founder electronics imagingthefuture as the slogan, together with newly developed digital inkjet printers, display in 4 years founder electronics research and development achievements in the field of digital ink jet printing. These are newly developed two digital inkjet printer. Is a founder jie eagle L1400 color UV digital inkjet label printing machine, another is jie eagle P5200 founder; In addition, in the first China international press and publication, technical equipment fair in Beijing jie exhibited graphic equipment co. , LTD. , the company introduced digital inkjet printing system; Zhejiang tong have successfully developed the first domestic high speed and high precision multi-function SZ1040 sheet-fed digital inkjet printing machine ( Electronic supervision code printing machine) , the successful launch of the domestic in the electronic supervision code printing machine into the era of digital printing. So-called coordination of Yin and Yang, when an industry development is too tend to one area, so it will cause the occurrence of premature saturation state, this field development speed will slow down speed is fast. Traditional offset printing is eroding the appearance of digital printing into mainstream for decades, digital printing technology and its related industries, in the wind of scientific and technological innovation, rapid development in the whole world, penetrate all walks with surprising speed, satisfy people demand for print individuality, diversity and flexibility. To 2014, the global share of the market for digital printing way will double total 27 of the market. 4%. 2008 global market for inkjet printer is only 1. 9 billion yuan, in 2014 is expected to jump to nearly 4. 8 billion yuan, with 160% of the speed of rapid growth, with almost sheet-fed printer market. For the development trend of digital printing, printing experts FrankJ in the United States. Romano thought, digital printing will be as the supplement of the offset printing, screen printing and flexo and competing; Network of the laser printer will challenge the photocopier, photocopiers challenge digital printing, offset printing, digital printing challenge and inkjet will challenge all; The quality of the digital printing will no longer be a problem, but its production capacity, reliability and size problem will still need to be further; Offset printing is improving, and provide more economical and competitive products, but its market will continue to be digital printing eroded; Digital printing will affect all aspects of the printing industry, will be in the art, packaging, label printing, textiles, is widely used on books, advertising and other printed matter. Someone says: traditional printing will be digital printing instead of become the overlord of the printing industry development. In fact, in my opinion, it is just some idealist some self comments. Though the traditional offset printing has been tended to sunset, but digital printing can never replace it. This mainly is that they form the functional features of the results. Digital printing has a simple, fast, fast, flexible, and traditional offset printing is given priority to with steady, the end result of the development of both should be complementary rather than consuming. This cause some printing people the illusion that replaced traditional offset printing, digital printing should become the main trend of industry development. Conclusion: the development of digital printing really brought certain influence to the traditional offset printing, but this is not enough to support its completely occupying printing market. Instead, after a long time, after the rapid development of digital printing market presents saturated tendency will slow development in the future for a long time. Automobil printing net
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