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Digital painting machine is a kind of can in organic glass, metal, plastic, crystal, wood, leather, textile fabrics, copperplate paper, arbitrary phase

by:Arojet     2021-05-04
The plane on the soft and hard material, color, any complex color, color printing all kinds of products such as color of transition design, LOGO and text, it does not need to plate making, tinted and complex sun board procedures, won't cause damage to the surface of the material. The product since listing, get the industry spoke highly of, many customers and studios scramble to buy factory, customer groups is increasing. Print consumables category of various PVC, PP, PET, vinyl digital painting products, has been popular in the market for nearly 20 years, in Europe and the United States and other countries more environmentally friendly materials, install more convenient, better display effect. Textiles are among the best digital sublimation printing, digital printing textiles with convenient installation, transportation advantages such as light, display effect grace, is rapid development, gradually replace the indoor light cloth, PP, light, even the viscose products. The United States and Europe brand consumables fabrics, for the sales of 6 in 2014. 500 million square meters, sales of close to $1 billion by conservative estimates, sales volume growth of not less than 20% a year, Inkjet market growth of 10%) 。 By 2019 a year to roughly 1. 9 billion square meters of sales. Textiles in the use of indoor display in the next 3-5 years will be growing by leaps and bounds, some domestic advertising companies have been big international brands requires the use of such products, this year iPhone6, flagship store of light boxes have been 100% use the sublimation fabrics, the international line due to the headquarters unified visual requirements are also gradually improve their light boxes. Advertising production areas widely used deep market segment. Do small business segment of the market, the use of digital printing in the field of decoration is more and more extensive, customized product gross margin is high, there were several companies doing such attempts. Union thinking. We need cooperation to small businesses become a union. Because the inside of the alliance companies within the domestic various provinces and cities, the installation and logistics costs will be much lower than the total package company offer in the big cities. From the overall speed of delivery is not slow. From the consideration on the procurement cost, consumables procurement's alliance with the overall enterprise order to talk directly, can save at least 15% purchasing cost. Alliance enterprise each only need a small amount of money, you can hire you want to all dare not to the high level of cost-effective sales staff, with one of their own to talk about orders, take orders. The internationalization of large enterprises. Now the company has domestic plastics also is basically a device in the world, and to things, not inferior to abroad, why don't we go out and compete with foreign prints? A, orders for domestic and abroad. International are attaches great importance to China's market, direct contact with overseas Marketing Department, told them the existing scheme and what can be improved, what we can do. Thinking two, foreign orders, foreign to talk about. Since have the equipment, you should be able to make such a good product, China in the future for a long time or the factory of the world, that our advertising products can make their own advantages, to foreign products of the order. Big brands are global purchasing supply chain, as a result of the advertising material timely issue, domestic logistics customs restrictions in the past, to foreign enterprises out of the large advertising made some obstacles, as logistics in recent years more and more developed, increasing exports, to foreign orders for advertising opportunities will be more and more. The Internet to explore. For big advertising company, the company's run in a way that the Internet can be in the small step, a come up, don't be platform thinking, platform construction of large sums of money and the construction of talent team, whether it can really successful still an open question. More practical and feasible method is to printing and domestic top personality some tentative cooperation website, small cost of understanding and cooperation. Squeeze the silk screen printing screen printing market space is a typical traditional industry, in recent years, influenced by the economic environment and application of the change of the market, put forward the challenge to silk screen printing, and even in some areas, silk screen printing faced the danger of being eliminated by the alternative. The personage inside course of study thinks, silk screen printing development has entered a bottleneck period in recent years, the impact of new technology industry development, environmental protection policy, as well as the industry itself contraction become the factors which restrict the development of the industry. Now, penhui printing technology got great development. In nearly two years of advertising, advertising prints especially large prints, so more and more used digital painting technology, market share is increasing. Silk screen printing at one time been bad-mouthing will be replaced by digital painting. Although different from the technical characteristics, replace said today (Monday), but that to a certain extent, squeezed the survival space of the silk screen printing. Summary: at present, the development of domestic digital painting industry is still not mature, the era of information on the equipment is to make money is in the past, the model and product innovation is the breakthrough solution in the future. And advocacy of green environmental protection, also for the popularity of digital painting development provides a very good opportunity. Though the market competition is intense, seize the opportunity, however, digital painting industry boom of judah on the day of issue.
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