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Digital packaging printing at a faster rate than the traditional flexo and offset printing, flexo _ domestic news

by:Arojet     2021-05-04
Takeaway: business and publishing digital printing mature at the same time, the digital printing and packaging printing market aimed at the greater development potential. Digital packaging printing at a faster rate than the traditional flexo and offset printing business and publishing digital printing mature at the same time, the digital printing and packaging printing market aimed at the greater development potential. After ten years of development, digital packaging printing equipment has been mature, digital packaging printing equipment in the picture, printing precision, even on the printing speed is more than the traditional flexo and offset printing. Flexo is a main technology of packaging and printing PRMIR nearly entrust LPC formed the research report 'flexo and benchmarking global market trends, visited the flexo packaging industry and the packaging applications of neighborhood, provides extensive evaluation about global flexo printing industry, and answers the traditional printing process how to meet in the growing wave of digital world markets, and which areas in the world to provide opportunities for growth in the future. According to PRMIR surveys, packaging accounts for nearly 92% of the total global flexo, the rest is packaging applications, such as security printing, medicine, and the commercial electronic products. In the next few years, flexo is 4% 5% annual growth rate, mainly from developing regions, especially in the bric countries. North America and Western Europe has a major amount of flexo installed capacity, however, the growth of the global market opportunities from developing countries, there isn't the main flexo printing process. In these countries, with the development of urbanization and the growth of the economic income, consumers to buy the food in the supermarket gradually more than in the local open-air market to buy fresh food. This trend will improve packaging needs, in many cases the packaging flexo printing processing. Flexo, depends on the increase of the training, consumables, as well as the change in the idea of flexo process; ; Mainly comes from the fear of quality. As flexo printing machine, printing ink, the improving of the plank and prepress technology, flexo printing quality and stability are also improved. The length of the printing order and comprehensive use of cost advantage, will be located in flexo every parts of the globe will be continuously from the gravure win the cheeks of a strong development and printing process. Flexo printing quality concerns, on the labels and tags printing don't have to, because in North America, about 92% of the labels used flexo, and in North America, flexo label is synonymous with high printing quality grades. By using 6 - 10 color painting in a narrow and flexo machine, with 175 lpi printing complex design, to meet the demand of high recognition of the consumer market demand. Survey also showed that flexo printing industry all over the world are installed digital printing, digital printing for flexo has brought great impact. Because digital printing system offers a faster running speed, promoted the process of choice, will undoubtedly get part in labels and tags flexo market share. Flexible packaging is another quality requirement is high, the high-speed growth of flexo application market, and gravure decline gradually in the field of flexible packaging applications. The research shows: there is no one child market like flexible packaging field, have such a high request for processing printing products: flexible packaging must be decorated, transmission, containing, preservation, protection, and provide appropriate functions. Naturally, as a result, as in the heritage of labels and tags, according to the customer's requirements, flexo printing flexible packaging color number increase, printing line number to 1331 PI or higher line number. These quality of ascension, along with the requirement of the printed sheet is more and more short and cost lower, make on its own advantage to accept gravure flexo market share, and gravure that used to be engines of flexible packaging application. From the global market, flexo has accounted for more than 64% share of the flexible packaging printing. In the field of inkjet printing, the realization of the white ink printing, making ink-jet printing substrate scope expanded to transparent film, metal foil and other materials; UV inkjet printing adaptability with a wide range of substrates has gradually become the mainstream, such as JetpressF digital ink jet printing machine equipped with the newly developed fast drying UV inkjet printing ink VIVDIA, can satisfy the special performance requirements of folding carton printing, and high capacity, low energy consumption, low heat LED - The UV curing technology is more and more attention. In the field of electrostatic imaging printing digital organization, designed for flexible packaging printing new research and development in the field of HPIndigo20000 configuration online coating unit, make its compatible substrates become more extensive. Printing color gamut growing, many digital printing machine can reach 7 color printing, such as HPElectroInk can support up to seven kinds of colors, including white and color; Trillium web digital printing adopts the new type of high precision liquid ink, than make electrostatic imaging digital printing quality in offset printing; High waist 8000 digital printing machine also USES the new palace yaumcha fine liquid ink, system will be through the offset printing ink transfer to the substrate surface, the printing rate up to 1200 dpi. China packaging printing industry network
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