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Digital inkjet promote industry development big enterprises to enter the commercial printing market _ digital inkjet, commercial printing,

by:Arojet     2021-05-09
After the financial crisis of 2008, into the stagnation of the development of the printing industry, from the overall. In the field of printing and packaging and printing, printing industry and obtained great development. Recently, Heidelberg will and Fuji film for strategic cooperation, common to enter the commercial printing and packaging and printing field. As the global economic integration, the development of commercial printing also ushered in the golden stage, although said that under the influence of the global economic crisis in 2008, export products matching commercial printing amount also on the decrease. But as long as there is business, commercial printing has broad market. Commercial printing cover range is wide, in addition to the clothing, textile, paper, metal, glass and plastic printing, typing, plate making and book binding, etc are also included in the category of the industry and so on. The emergence of new technology has brought new business opportunities in this field. With the increase of enterprise customer demand for advertising and product promotion, commercial printing market is also growing. Each printing enterprise's profitability and sales performance is good or bad has a direct relationship. Large enterprises in the procurement of raw materials such as paper and ink can enjoy more favorable price, and because their customers all over the world, so can more effectively use its expensive printing equipment. Small printing can be in a particular product category with more perfect service to the large enterprises. It is reported that the United States commercial printing workers, annual revenue for 160000 dollars. Commercial printing digital printing technology has changed the pattern of market competition. Digital color page is now lower than the price of the offset printing, and those who haven't adopt the way of digital printing printing enterprise will face the risk of being eliminated by the market. A few days ago, Heidelberg ( HeidelbergerDruckmaschinenAG) And Fuji film company ( FUJIFILMGlobalGraphicSystemsCo。 ,Ltd. ) Jointly announced that the two companies have inkjet printing technology research and development reached a strategic cooperation, cooperation between the two sides will cover commercial printing and packaging and printing field. In the strategic cooperation between the two sides, Heidelberg will give full play to their advantages in the field of engineering technology and manufacturing, and fujifilm will dedicate their inkjet printing technology in the industry. Cooperation in the future may also be carried out to the global system of sales and customer service. China packaging printing machinery network
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