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Digital ink jet printing to the glass ceramic printing _ ceramic inkjet printing, digital printing ceramic glass

by:Arojet     2021-05-03
Takeaway: ink-jet printing technology with its high quality, rate, high precision printing and rapidly penetrate into all walks of life, has brought great benefits to a large number of enterprises, ceramic manufacturing and its benefits. The application of ceramic ink jet printing, inkjet printer market is gradually close to saturation. At this point, the digital ceramic glass printing. Delicate and beautiful ceramic products, in ancient times had reflected the wisdom of the Chinese working people, and in the modern, advanced science and technology but also in ceramics play ground. The ceramic inkjet market is saturated the indications are that in recent years of inkjet printer market is gradually close to saturation. Completed surveys of the national various provinces, the main ceramic inkjet machine line number five. Among them, the shandong province launched 488 inkjet machines, jiangxi online number 290, 168 in sichuan province, liaoning province in 143, 126 in henan province, and in the investigation of guangdong and fujian provinces, on-line inkjet machine is used for up to seven hundreds of provinces. A number of inkjet equipment suppliers said is expected by the end of 2014, the national running inkjet machine number can reach 2500 ~ 2800. The field survey data and their close estimates, if add two inkjet province guangdong, fujian, the number of actual number also with the quite. After industry is generally believed that the national total of more than 3000 production lines, half of them can use inkjet equipment, according to each of the production line configuration 2 ~ 3 inkjet machine, inkjet machine market capacity in China in more than 3000 sets, to run, domestic inkjet machine market is already close to saturation. Integrated several inkjet equipment suppliers, according to data from the end of 2010, the country only 12 inkjet machines, new 88, 2011, 2012, 650 new units, in 2013, is a banner year, inkjet machine equipment for the inkjet machine 1250 units, compared with the past four years combined, in 2014 began to turn cold, are expected to reach 800 units, for the number fell significantly. According to the personage inside course of study has confirmed that its inkjet machine brand in the national market sales decline 30% this year. , he says, for inkjet machine equipment by the mysterious become routine, from hot to cold early in the process of the expected, the market next year is expected to fall again, optimistic will add 600 units. In the condition of saturated market step by step, inkjet equipment market is fragmented, competition is fierce. Introduced from 2009 Nobel group industry since the first inkjet machine, just six years, the popularity of inkjet machine speed fast to complete from zero to nearly saturated market convulsions, competition is intense. Weaknesses to further improve the production efficiency, develop new markets, the printing ceramic products of new technology is essential. Digital glass ceramic printing out the markets and customers for glass ceramic printing digital technology cognition is far lower than the digital ink jet printing technology. Briefly, digital glass ceramic is a kind of ceramic ink printing technology in outdoor or indoor decoration glass directly on the digital printing technology, it is high temperature ceramic ink is composed of ceramic powder particles of raw materials. Glass printing after washing, drying, after the low temperature of 150 degrees to add part of organic solvent volatilization, after entering the 650 degrees to 720 degrees Celsius, the glass tempering furnace put the rest of ceramic ink inorganic ceramic powder particles after tempering furnace of high temperature sintering completely on the glass, will become a part of the glass. That appear on the market, in fact, can be in ceramics, glass and other materials on the printing of digital ink jet printing technology, already has a very welcome development in the field of home decor. In simple terms, digital ink jet printing technology is the use of UV ink in low temperature, the advantage is low cost, high resolution and image detail. But at the same time, it has poor ability to resist UV ultraviolet light, easy to scratch peeling, shortcomings and so on cannot be used in outdoor environment. For the glass industry, the printing on the glass surface can no longer after deep processing of coating and laminating process. From a global perspective, the durability is the basic requirement of the market for glass print, most used in household appliances, furniture, building materials, such as the adornment of durable goods, printing design must ensure that the goods within the whole life cycle of discoloration, not broken. The Internet
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