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Digital ink jet printing technology for the future development space big _ digital ink jet printing technology, the development of space _ market dynamics

by:Arojet     2021-04-29
Due to the profit pattern of traditional textile printing and dyeing processing enterprises is often through the large-scale production, or use of cheap labor to profit, so the development space is very limited. In addition, because of the difference degree between enterprises is not big, barriers to entry is not high, so it is easy to fall into a vicious cycle of price competition. But as the digital ink jet printing technology truly from proofing and small batch processing to the metamorphosis of mass customization, large-scale production, digital ink-jet printing technology integration online collaborative design customization platform and electronic commerce mode, make the traditional processing enterprises can produce rapid response, to provide personalized products, environmental protection low carbon sustainable development means to participate in the brand, design field; Through the connected to the network conveniently, can also reduce circulation enterprises. , on the other hand, along with the social progress, economic development and improvement of living standards, the textile market consumption concept changes have occurred, the many varieties, personalization, short cycle, pay attention to cultural creativity and environmental protection textiles consumption demand is growing. At present, the textile printing market trend is typical: the printing of the medium and small batch orders rapid increase, while the big orders gradually atrophic, to design pattern, fine degree, at the same time improve quality requirements, to shorten the delivery cycle. Textile dyeing terminal product structure is undergoing profound adjustments, guided by customers personalized, more quickly into the end demand forced firms to abandon the traditional textile and dyeing mass, slow changes in the business model: first, the enterprise faces to shorten delivery time, improve product quality, reduce inventory costs and improve services of the pressure, must make a quick response to changing market, and continuously meet the personalized needs of product development. With the rising of the people's living standard, the future demand of diversification will drive the whole to the original production mode of traditional printing and dyeing industry radical innovation, visible digital ink jet printing technology for the future development space is huge. cpp114
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