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Digital ink jet printing technology become a dark horse _ digital ink jet printing printing market

by:Arojet     2021-05-04
The use of new technology can bring the development of economy is not the same wonderful. With the constant promotion of digital printing technology, digital ink-jet printing technology has also become a dark horse in the printing market. Digital ink jet printing is one of the important support the development of industry of our country in the future, digital jet printing technology popularization project is to determine the future ten years China's textile industry sustainable development one of the key to carry out the project. Digital jet printing technology belongs to national 863 plan key support of the advanced manufacturing technology and automation. National and local has introduced a series of policies and measures. Digital printing has become one of the main development direction of China's printing industry, digital ink jet printing technology in the 1990 s made rapid development, technology and equipment innovation breakthrough unceasingly, provides a basis for the industrial application and protection. According to the relevant institutions, according to the report since 2008, global digital printing production doubling every year. Now the global digital printing are mainly distributed in Europe ( Italy and Spain) , Japan and other countries. According to the prediction that by 2015 global digital printing machine can reach 50000 units, the production of digital printing can be accounted for 15% of total printed output, is about 4. 5 billion meters. Deduced, then the digital printing for: 75% of Europe, the americas, Asia 10% 15%. Along with the social progress, economic development and improvement of living standards, textile market consumption idea significant changes have occurred, for many varieties, personalization, short cycle, pay attention to cultural creativity and environmental protection textiles consumption demand is growing. At present, the textile printing market trend is typical: the printing of the medium and small batch orders rapid increase, while the big orders gradually atrophic, to design pattern, fine degree, at the same time improve quality requirements, to shorten the delivery cycle. Textile dyeing terminal product structure is undergoing profound adjustments, guided by customers personalized, more quickly into the end demand forced firms to abandon the traditional textile and dyeing mass, slow changes in the business model: on the one hand, enterprises face to shorten the delivery time, improve product quality, reduce inventory costs and improve services of the pressure, must make a quick response to changing market, and continuously meet the personalized needs of product development; Consumers, on the other hand, has not satisfied with the previous mass production with the standardization of products, in the product into the individuation and diversification of consumer demand has gradually become the trend of textile industry development. Agreed with personalized digital ink-jet printing, vogue and rapidly changing consumer trends, and adapt to the traditional business model to the small batch, individuation, rapid response the transition of the new business model. Printing and dyeing production is hot working, wet process, in the process of machining consumes a certain amount of water and energy, and generate corresponding printing and dyeing wastewater. After years of rapid development, printing and dyeing industry is more and more restricted by resources and environment. Digital ink jet printing compared with traditional printing has no plate-making, dyestuff saving, energy saving water and reducing emissions, is the ecological, environmental protection, clean production technology, meet the requirement of printing and dyeing industry environmental protection low carbon sustainable development. Our country used for textile digital inkjet printing ink has experienced high price import from abroad to domestic product supply, the process of early import price of 500 ~ 1000 yuan/kg, in recent years in our country through the master formula technology, realize localization of ink, ink domestic ink prices sharply lower, such as reactive dye ink drop to 200 ~ 300 yuan/kg, and stability in the applicability of the textile fabrics and jet printing is a breakthrough. In the future, our country will be in control of autonomous formula on the basis of the further development of ink materials, implement localization of raw materials, and with the domestic digital inkjet printing ink usage increased quickly, the domestic price of ink can also be reduced to 100 ~ 200 yuan/kg, spray printing cost will be further reduced. With high frequency piezoelectric nozzle, ultra high speed data processing and distributed spurts India spreading electromechanical device technology so as to obtain breakthrough, printing precision and speed continuously improve, completed the transition from technology model applied to the production. Digital inkjet printing equipment in our country enterprise independently developed more than 600 dpi precision, spray printing speed up to 400 ~ 1000 square meters per hour of the new generation of the conduction band type digital ink jet printing machine, the previous digital ink jet printing machine spray printing speed increased significantly, with the industrialized production base. China 's traditional dyeing with improve the process before and after the equipment, with the wide application of information technology in the field of as well as to promote the efficiency of processing functions, and the new generation of the conduction band type digital ink jet printing machine matching the process before and after the equipment level gradually is enhanced. China packaging printing machinery network
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