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Digital ink jet printing on the carton market potential of endless _ _ local news

by:Arojet     2021-05-09
Show menasha group is committed to provide support for the pop market, the company constantly innovation, always relying on new technology. Choose the digital printing technology, because they see that the whole world is in to digital direction, it is the trend of The Times. For large commodity supplier and consumer goods company, want to smaller, more regional market segmentation, the digital printing is the inevitable choice of them. When only 1 ~ 500 exhibits, the traditional way of printing is very uneconomical, using digital printing, because do not need film, plate and mold, therefore can obtain high quality with reasonable price products. The company now has two angels corjet digital printing presses, can be printed directly on the corrugated paper board, large-format is 63 inches & times; 102 inches, USES six color printing ( In addition to yellow, magenta, blue and black four color, there is light grey and light magenta two colors) 。 Owned by menasha company, based in the success of digital printing and a good work flow begins with experienced operators. The new digital printing equipment owned by menasha company based integration into the existing workflow system is the foundation of success. Odyssey digital printing company is one specialized is engaged in the digital printing business of the company, the company has more than one digital printing machine for packaging production: 2 xsikon printer; 2 speed bully di Heidelberg printing machine; 3 big wide inkjet printers, 2 sets from the west, 1 from vutek) 。 Because there are three clients need printing small batch of folding carton, and xeikon 50 d not thick cardboard printing, so the company decided to buy 1 50 spsimplsx xeikon digital printer to meet new market demand. When they decided to enter the packaging, xeikon 50 spsimplex is its devices, because compared with other digital printing machine, it can handle more sharply sheet-fed below, though it cost is much higher. At present, the company has been in a short version of the CD, DVD packaging, short edition personalized golf box and short version of the special packaging products such as food packaging has set up a digital printing business, and there has been a growing demand. As a result of using digital printing live a relatively small print runs, after processing Settings have to be very simple. If a living thing, only 200 will not be able to set up according to the requirement of the 1000 die cutting machine, pasting box machines, etc. Odyssey company is used for long version live of die cutting machine is preco circle pressure circle die-cutting machine, the machine using principle of optical alignment marks on read print, only two minutes to replace a die cutting plate. This flexibility for small batch, fast change version of the live thing is very necessary. Net win
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