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Digital ink jet printing: a new printing process _ digital ink jet printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-04
New printing technology; ; Digital ink jet printing to the enterprise brought the good market opportunities and broad space for profit promotion. Digital ink jet printing is a new kind of printing technology, compared with the traditional printing technology, digital inkjet printing production process does not need to traditional printing color separation in the production process tracing draft, producer, making process, shorten processing line and thus greatly shorten the production time, and reduce the system network recruitment, making out the web site and printing network consumption, due to the process of simplified the proofing cost is greatly reduced. Digital ink-jet printing can take the pattern by CD, E-mail and other means, generally proofing time not more than one working day, and the traditional proofing cycle generally in a week or so. Proofing cycle shortened and the cost reduced, bring more market opportunities and profit space. To promote structural adjustment and upgrade technology of digital ink jet printing technology has broken the traditional printing tinted and to limit the length of the flower. Due to the digital ink jet printing technology can be used in a digital design, through the computer color measurement, color, spray printing, break through the traditional textile printing pattern tinted restrictions, especially in the color gradient, moire pattern of high precision printing, digital ink jet printing technology advantage. In addition, the traditional printed patterns tend to be take back to the limitation of length, and the concept of digital ink jet printing there is no flower back, thus greatly expand the textile pattern design space. Due to the digital ink jet printing production process all realize computerized digital production, so that the production flexibility is greatly increased, production batch is not subject to any restrictions, some products can be achieved even on the same day delivery, instant. In addition, due to the application of computer technology, the same pattern of different color series, printed and designers to design and color in the production process of modified at any time, all is digital ink-jet printing technology advantage. Digital ink jet printing to traditional textile printing and dyeing industry brought a technology revolution, conform to the textile market by mass production mode to meet the personalized, the development trend of transformation of rapid response, to promote the structural adjustment of textile printing and dyeing industry and upgrade technology is of great significance. With the goals of energy conservation and emissions reduction due to printing and dyeing processing is hot working, wet processing technology, processing process takes a lot of energy and water and wastewater, printing and dyeing printing and dyeing industry is the focus of China's textile industry energy conservation and emissions reduction. In recent years, the dyeing and printing industry have done a lot of work in energy conservation and emissions reduction, and achieved remarkable achievement, but with the sustained and rapid development of industry, water consumption and pollutant emissions are still rising. Printing and dyeing industry of printing and dyeing wastewater has become one of the key sources of pollution in industrial system in our country. At the same time, the high cost of water consumption and pollution seriously weaken the competitiveness of enterprises, become the bottleneck restricting the development of textile printing and dyeing industry health and sustainable. 'Textile industry five-year development plan' put forward, the unit value added of industry energy consumption 20% lower than in 2010, industrial carbon dioxide emissions intensity 20% lower than in 2010, unit added value of industrial water consumption is 30% lower than in 2010, the discharge of major pollutants the development goal of 10% lower than in 2010. Textile printing and dyeing industry energy conservation and emissions reduction a long way to go. Digital ink jet printing dye in the process of spray print used by computer to each according to his need, can greatly reduce the consumption of dyes in the process of production, and the resulting printing and dyeing wastewater. Compared to traditional flat, rotary screen printing, digital inkjet printing has the following advantages: (in terms of energy conservation and emissions reduction 1) Digital ink jet printing produced waste water of less than, rotary screen printing. Digital ink jet printing peace, rotary screen printing process for printing - Dry - Steaming - Washing, washing process is to remove the paste on the print, as a result of the digital ink jet printing paste dosage is very low, so the washing water consumption is greatly lower than, rotary screen printing. ( 2) Digital ink jet printing technology directly through a single computer control of mechanical operation, less than traditional printing dyeing production lines for electricity and water consumption, etc. ( 3) Digital ink-jet printing digital form through a computer input to control the form of print heads work, implements the on-demand jet printing, making the unit output of low COD discharge platform, rotary screen printing. ( 4) Digital ink jet printing washing wastewater of low chroma value, only for several times, and flat, rotary screen printing washing wastewater chroma is as high as 500 ~ 600. Overall, compared with the traditional printing technology, digital inkjet printing dye use saves about 20% ~ 40%, 40% ~ 60% water saving. Printing and dyeing industry from the big teams in the United States, Japan and Western Europe textile printing and dyeing industry value chain, exports of high-tech content, high value-added products, control the market channels and technology, occupy the industry chain at both ends. Print production and exports in China are very big, but there are still quite a part of the need to import printed fabrics. In printing and dyeing products export earnings, fabric manufacturers in China only 10% of them. Traditional textile and dyeing industry under the management mode of processing, printing and dyeing enterprise survival space is smaller and smaller. Digital ink jet printing technology for the production of high quality, high value-added printed product provides the technical support, will be to promote industrial upgrading, improve printing product international competitiveness and added value, an important means to improve enterprise profitability, speed up the process of our traditional textile printing industry by the big teams. China printing network
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