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DIC ink will be there with the new appearance CHINA PRINT 2013, sun chemical, CHINA PRINT

by:Arojet     2021-04-27
On May 14th, CHINAPRINT2013 - 18 new both centre in Beijing, it is reported that this exhibition, DIC with green, environmental protection and sustainable development as the theme, the main display leds - UV,SUN- E,太阳- New UV ink such as C, at the same time show SunChemical ink technology, the company ( The sun chemical) Advanced low migration inks and Sunjet inkjet products. As the world's one of the big ink company di love health group ( DICGroup) Will be created using the exhibition. Di love health group ( DICGroup) Since it was founded in 1908, DIC is based on unique color technology, combines several elements of science and technology, the printing ink, organic pigment, synthetic resin, electronic intelligence materials in areas such as extensive career. DIC in more than 60 countries around the world has about 200 companies, of which more than 40 enterprises in China. SunChemical company ( The sun chemical) Is a subsidiary of DIC group. hc360
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