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De-manualization, where the advantages of Arnoldjet's coding automation solutions lie

by:Arojet     2021-07-26
Digital inkjet printing is gradually developing into one of the mainstream inkjet printing methods, and the substrate printed directly by automatic coding represents the final product. Digital printing lies in the interconnection and intercommunication function between equipment, that is, through the centralized control center, the production order is issued, and the production schedule is reasonably arranged, so as to realize the sharing of multiple models of parameter settings; and on the inkjet printer, it is through the equipment and equipment. The physical connection between the printer, that is, the control system of one automatic inkjet printer accesses the program parameters of another automatic inkjet printer, so that the equipment has the advantages of program sharing, convenient parameter setting, etc., and avoids repeated programming on the same product. , It greatly saves human resources, shortens the production cycle, and improves production efficiency. Arnoldjet's automatic coding accuracy is high, as small as the size of 4.0mm×4.0mm up to 20-character two-dimensional codes can be printed, which can be read smoothly by ordinary code readers; it adopts Japanese imported printing heads, The quality is stable and reliable, and the coding automation customizes the exclusive production line for each customer, with automatic loading and unloading equipment, online production, realizing unmanned; offline production, multi-line production can be supplied by one person, saving labor; suitable for various needs Printed logo PCB board, logo printing equipment can achieve product quality traceability. Arnoldjet's coding automation solution aims to solve the high labor cost and low degree of automation in the manufacturing industry. It combines the design experience of robotic arms and XY platform to realize the solution of replacing manual operation procedures with automatic printing.
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