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Dawes company push the new UV inkjet digital label printing machine _ way, printing machine

by:Arojet     2021-04-26
Italian dawes announced that the company recently launched a new UV inkjet series label printing Tau330, this equipment is designed for a short version of the label printing market development. Following way, launched in 2010 after a width of 165 mm Tau1508C digital label printing machine, the new platform mainly includes two devices. Including Tau330 Tau200 width of 200 mm, system will in the width of 330 mm rolls of paper for high quality production, printing speed of 48 meters per minute, big output production rate of 950 square meters per hour. Using self 1001 inkjet head, big resolution up to 720 x360dpi. Both devices are available in standard work under CMYK color, at the same time can be in the late 2012 s, white, orange, and violet ink can be upgraded. Drew 2012 during the exhibition, the stern will be in Tau330 digital variable data printing on the label printing machine demo, allowed to speak to not die cutting or not direct printing, label printing can adapt to all tags customer requirements. The new Tau330 wide width can provide high quality, the rate of productivity, it has unique advantages for customers to achieve competitive advantage in the future market. Way, the company President said Dr Richard Piock passionate. keyin
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