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Count the types and characteristics of digital ink jet printing ink _ printing, printing _ industry standards

by:Arojet     2021-04-28
Digital ink jet technology are widely used in daily life, but according to different ink, the application of the direction is different also, what are the types of digital ink jet printing ink? Digital printing ink ink generally according to different links of material divided into water-based ink and oil-based ink, solvent ink and thermosetting ink. 1. Water-based ink is usually used in perforated and non coated substrates, such as cardboard and paper, also often used in direct mail products printing and other commonly used commercial printing market. Can be divided into pigments and dyes, pigments for insoluble in water, precipitation, so the pigment particles have very small, small to 30 & mu; M here, just can have a good result for spray printing, otherwise easy to cause obstruction when using high resolution. The weatherability of pigment itself, photometric, washing fastness and abrasion resistance are very good. Dye solubility is the advantage of no problem, and colour sort very much, better brilliance, but poor fastness. 2. Oil-based ink for printing on perforated materials, because it is through the absorption to dry, they have a vegetable oil or mineral oil formula, especially its application in the field of cardboard packaging; Res in a closed office space, because produce air pollution. The pigment and can be divided into two kinds,, pigment and dye type oil soluble ink is characteristic of quick drying, so are frequently used in industry. 3. Solvent base ink has wide USES, from print to bar code printing to outdoor advertising signs, use the ink, high economic benefit, quick drying, can be printed on a variety of materials, especially suitable for printing of the coating material, such as vinyl, silk screen, glass and paper, etc. 4. UV/EB thermosetting ink, the ink is suitable for printing on all kinds of soft and rigid substrates, such as corrugated board and metal foil, UV/EB ink under the action of UV light curing fast, strong durability. Very suitable for DOD applications, such as point-of-sale display advertising gift CARDS, phone CARDS, credit CARDS and frequent use. In the change of digital printing technology revolution era, ink-jet printing rapid development. UV inkjet printing as a kind of green environmental protection way, the market share rapidly improve, especially in the application in flat UV inkjet printing UV ink began to rapid development of the equipment. Quick print guest
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