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Consumable bottleneck can high-speed inkjet printing how long _ high-speed inkjet printer, such as offset paper, coated paper _ domestic news

by:Arojet     2021-05-08
Takeaway: since the country's high-speed inkjet machine installed capacity less than 20 units, add up all the paper is short of a paper mill capacity in a month. At present, the high-speed inkjet printers print media is given priority to with paper, such as offset paper, coated paper, newsprint, and so on. Can the market almost no inkjet from purchasing, investigate its reason, one is the market potential is limited, with a medium-sized paper mill as an example, nissan 300 tons, has a national high-speed inkjet machine installed capacity less than 20 units, add up all the paper is short of a paper mill capacity in a month. The second stage is the ink-jet coating or after sizing from cost is very high, if the price of ordinary offset paper/light paper is 7000 yuan/ton, after special processing, the paper prices as high as 10000 yuan/ton, that alone cost is increased by nearly a third, greatly reduced the competitiveness of high-speed inkjet printing. Therefore, before the outbreak of dosage of inkjet paper, paper mills will not invest a lot of energy to research and development of high speed inkjet special paper. In addition, the voice of paper printing enterprises co. , LTD. , a lot of press when place an order, or provide a paper at the same time, or to specify the color of the paper, quantitative, varieties, recommend printing enterprise can only use paper, but not specified in paper. This kind of situation, the future is expected to get change ( 1) With use rise, the market will have more paper mill to produce high speed inkjet special paper, the cost will be reduced, or gradually close to the ordinary offset paper. ( 2) With the rapid development of ink-jet technology, ink on paper picky degree will be smaller, and there is no special paper. ( 3) Adding online coating devices on high-speed inkjet printer, can be offered to each kind of paper to ink jet from enhanced ink on paper adhesion and color reappearance ability. In addition to the print media and can be used for high-speed inkjet printing media range will be expanded, such as packaging label paper, corrugated paper, wallpaper, flooring, glass, fabric, etc. Ink ink is the key material, its takes up a large component in the printing cost. Now the domestic high-speed inkjet printing machine all adopt imported ink, on the one hand, the development of the domestic inkjet ink hysteresis, on the other hand also reflects the ink technology content and high entry barriers. Use ink need to match with shower nozzle, its erasable, liquidity, drying speed, stability, color, odor and toxicity and so on many indexes to achieve ideal value; At the same time, an ink will be used with a nozzle, sprinkler suppliers also need certification qualification. ( 1) Union all clients, concentrated order, means of procurement, increasing access to foreign suppliers bargaining power, gradually reduce the price of the existing ink to an ideal level. ( 2) Printing machinery and equipment suppliers and domestic supplier agreement together develop high-speed inkjet ink is special ink, risk-sharing, benefit sharing, the development of the quality pass, affordable ink. Online printing and like the association
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