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Competition analysis _ printing ink jet printing silk screen printing, printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-10
Ink jet printing is a kind of non-contact, no stress, no printing plate printing replication technology. It has no version of the common features of digital printing, which can realize the variable information printing. Screen printing plate net-like, when printing ink on the plate under the extrusion of scraping board from part of bearing hole layout to the substrates, and to complete assignments printing printing way. Inkjet printing is after the silk screen printing and printing of new technology, like the silk screen printing on substrates is extensive, can be in different shapes, different materials of surface printing, strong adaptability, is currently the technology development is very rapid, the new printing method of expanding market, showing great development prospects. But as the old way of printing, silk screen printing in the process of development also show a hale and hearty side, especially the screen printing unique advantage in circuit board printing, also with more and more new technology in the application of screen printing screen printing makes a completely new look, still occupies a large market. In addition, the competition for printers. Inkjet printing has its unique market such as lottery printing, personalized printing is silk screen printing, such as dust, ink-jet printing in defending these areas at the same time, their application to the domain of the silk screen printing, products is also gradually favored by the printer. As mentioned above in large format printing, with the prosperity of the market economy and the expansion of commodity circulation, outdoor advertising inkjet printing will be a trend of rise sharply. The inkjet printing fully digital, which can realize the advantages of personalized printing and other printing, is bound to attract more printers to use it. Therefore, in the product market competition at the same time, their competition is inseparable from the competition for printers. Based on two kinds of printing way, it is easy to find, they are printed in the increasingly fierce competition of the market. First of all, be formulated by screen printing some large-format printing area is under the impact of the ink-jet printing, today, large print area using spray painting machine, it can be up to 3 ~ 5 m large-format, making large-format posters, flyers, outdoor advertising, the role of the increasingly prominent. Second, as a result of the limitation of ink jet printing on substrates is small, can be printed on various substrates materials, it was relatively killer of other ways of printing screen printing, inkjet printing has the advantage, will no doubt affect the application field of silk screen printing. Again, ink-jet printing is a fully digital printing, completely away from the traditional printing process of red tape, can shorten product time to market, big limit for those with high demands on time products this way of printing will be a better choice. China packaging printing machinery network
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