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Commodity inkjet printer is the industry innovation leader

by:Arojet     2021-07-31
Commodity inkjet marking is done by the inkjet printer. The inkjet printer uses the principle of charged ink particles to be deflected by a high-voltage electric field to print patterns, characters and numbers on the surface of various objects. For integrated high-tech products, companies use commodity inkjet printers to give each product a unique QR code, and embed product information or promotional information into the QR code, bringing more benefits to the hot issues of widespread concern for the company. Different industries, different products, and differences in their own attributes have led to different marketing models. Today, with the rapid development of QR code applications, inkjet printer manufacturers have launched value-for-money commodity inkjet printers to the market. Synchronous use on a faster production line. The inkjet equipment uses professional UV inks, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also greatly expands the range of inkjet materials. Various types of barcodes and graphics and other variable data can be directly printed. On the surface of the product, the printing quality is clear, with a bumpy feel, and the quality is tangible. The traceability system construction model with one thing one code as the mainstream is emerging. Product traceability in various industries is also prosperous and proceeding in an orderly manner. It is getting closer and closer to my country’s comprehensive realization of the traceability of important products. With the support of the times, product coding opportunities are booming with a rapid attitude, the use of functions has become more convenient and faster, the functions are more powerful and are deeply loved by the majority of customers.
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