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Commercial inkjet technology or popular American office market _ commercial inkjet technology

by:Arojet     2021-05-11
With the development of economy, people begin to pursue. For the printing industry, printing technology is digital ink-jet printing technology. In other words, the emergence of digital ink jet printing technology meet the requirement of the fast and high quality printing work. Inkjet systems once appear became the commercial printers. The reason for this is that the system can produce the black and white, color and printing products, magnetic and in content, whether fixed or variable part, can depend on the customer's requirements. Ink-jet printing technology allows business planning out a large amount of cost effective text printing solutions to meet the needs of customers, therefore, ink jet printing technology is also expected to infuse new power for the printing industry's high hopes. And printing industry for the acceptance of the color inkjet printing system is far more than expected, a lot of people said color inkjet printing system is black and white printing products suitable solutions. Although when inkjet printing technology into the market, some things are not so easy to accept, but it can be seen that the existence of black and white ink-jet printing platform model is moving in the color inkjet printing system for change in the future. Recently, the us win shipping company issued a called the ink-jet printing is ready change office printing market in the United States, 'the report, which for commercial inkjet equipment suppliers summarizes a lot of practical sales and marketing strategy, and it is pointed out that commercial inkjet technology office market will be promising in the United States. In recent years, commercial inkjet printers and multi-function composite all-in-one PC shipments in the us market is obviously higher than the traditional laser printing equipment. In 2016, according to win the shipping company to predict commercial inkjet equipment office equipment in the United States has a 56% market share, and laser printing equipment market share will drop to 44%. Over the years, many in the industry agree that laser printing equipment is more suitable for use in a large office, and ink-jet equipment is more suitable for use in a home or small business. It is all a misunderstanding, win shipping company think, ink-jet technology will one day in the office printing environment play a bigger role. When asked why choosing inkjet equipment instead of laser printing equipment, 77% of respondents said their from the perspective of cost, price, use to choose equipment. This is a very important discovery. While the customer wants to pursue a certain amount of performance, such as speed, reliability, and comfortable quality, etc. , but they also will consider the cost problem. China packaging printing machinery network
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