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Commercial inkjet escalation subdivided into focus _ local news

by:Arojet     2021-05-01
From HP earlier proposed that the concept of commercial inkjet, several big giant in the field of commercial inkjet printer market inputs are there for all to see. Currently in commercial inkjet market can be described in three day, HP, Canon, and went down the foot in the field of commercial inkjet kung fu.

recently, released me a3 model of the office, that makes its business in the field of inkjet product line more complete. Is worthy of our attention, release the aircraft not only make up the a3 wide product line, but also to subdivide the commercial inkjet printing. Inkjet Cheng Deyong and video products, deputy department manager, said from previous launch output in digital photos of stylus photo1390 and ex3 a3 classic products, the me office 1100 planning under me 3 g series of commercial products, mainly used to meet the engineering construction, general machinery, consumer product design companies such as demand for cad 2 d lines such as the output.

a3 wide commercial inkjet printer me office 1100

from this release me office a3 models we is not hard to find, commercial ink-jet printing after after years of development, the competition has not only stay on the simple upgrade products, manufacturers pay more attention to by competition in the market segment. As early to put forward the concept of commercial inkjet manufacturer, HP in commercial ink-jet printing product line for the rich, only from the point of a3 format, HP's advantage is very obvious, is k850 early, and then is k8600, for output proofing design industry, this kind of model has a profound significance now.

actually vendors pay close attention to market segments, the main power or from the market demand and profits. There are industry analysts pointed out that compared with the a4 inkjet printers, a3 format inkjet printers, although the market demand is more stable, but the user demand for the printer is to professional sexual function and change, so the a3 inkjet printer is a potential market demand, single high-margin market segment.

of course segment compared with the traditional commercial printing market, for the performance of the commercial inkjet printing products put forward more requirements, such as printing speed, print cost, and several important indexes such as print quality. In the next three major commercial inkjet printing equipment manufacturers, in the market segment will be increasingly fierce competition, after all, market segments and ever popular demand market and there are obvious different, whose product can be more in line with the needs of customers, after certainly can become the winner.

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