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Commercial ink-jet printing began eating _ commercial inkjet printing, laser printing market _ market dynamic laser printing market

by:Arojet     2021-05-11
With the development of industry economy, industry new technology will appear constantly. Often the emergence of new technology will affect main technology now. Under the effect of product performance is stable, the commercial ink-jet printing technology gradually into the line of sight of people, may have a potential of the laser printing technology instead. Under the impact of the Internet, print the market has gradually turned into a red sea, but in such circumstances, the commercial inkjet printer has ushered in the golden period of the development of themselves. The printer ink storehouse of series products is the operation of drive of this age. With the gradually mature of commercial inkjet printing technology, the stability of the product also conforms to the needs of users, business inkjet is break the logjam in concept to the market. In 2012, the launch of printer ink storehouse, in 2013, the revolutionary to launch print hosting service contract, indicates the beginning of the era of commercial inkjet printing. Along with the increase in office staff, the printer will also with the rise of perform the upgrade. In the past, business office users to update the printer, often about how to choose to reduce the cost. After the launch of printer ink storehouse, and launch print hosting service contract, to perform a month in 1000 ~ 5000 different perform customer provides a new solution, no matter how many, perform a can have the right choice. This service, herald a new era of commercial printing field. Perform a print hosting service contract for month of 1000 ~ 5000 customers provide printing services, USES the original factory, new and original consumables, to provide customers with door-to-door service. Customers as long as a certain contract period basic fee or deposit in advance, can direct access to a printer and consumables supply. Within the contract period, can enjoy a month 2000 black-and-white print and other functions of the corresponding service package products, if the month perform more than 2000 pieces, each a black and white print only 1 cent, each color printing charge 9 cents, if the normal use of full package service contract period of 3 years later, don't have to pay any fees can a printer in the package. Hosting services with low TCO (print contracts All total cost) : in the print quality, cost, service, safety, environmental protection, convenience to have comprehensive performance. To a WP - 4521 printer as an example, the province to the intelligent design for customers. Four color ink cartridge design, fission in only black and white printing, just choose the grayscale print, can not use color ink. WP - 4521 printer nozzle sealing cover design, more make black, color can clean the nozzle, avoid unnecessary due to the overall cleaning ink consumption. And support for large capacity cartridges, black ink colors on capacity of about 3400 pages, sharply reduce replacement frequency, reduce the printing cost. Print load about 20000 pages, departmental mass print easily accomplished. Especially environmental advantages of the inkjet printer, laser printers, you need to use the high temperature in the process of printing the carbon powder is fixed on the paper, it increases power consumption, do not need this process and inkjet printers, so less power consumption, energy consumption is only 1/20 of the laser machine, that is in keeping with the business needs of the pursuit of energy. In addition, the ink jet printer did not exist in the laser printer toner from hidden and ozone emissions, and many other indoor environment pollution, ensure the office crowd health of body and mind, let people have a green and healthy office environment. To sum up, whether the ink storehouse type printing as printing, or print contract hosting service to provide turnkey solutions for users with low comprehensive cost, broke through the office to print the cost of the freezing point, are truly solve the difficulties in printing costs and service for the customer. Customer value as the core concept, the application of inkjet technology change business printing environment, let us see the new printer industry in the future.
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