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Colorful logo, yellow ink inkjet printer application! _Identify consumables

by:Arojet     2021-07-29
Choosing the marking function of the inkjet printer is to move forward with modern marking. With the modernization and high-tech, convenience and simplicity of the logo, the inkjet printer logo has become the first choice of various industries, has become one of our common logos on the packaging, and is also one of the important tools for completing the identification task. Coding marking is leading the entire marking industry ecosystem as a leader. White ink inkjet printer is a kind of inkjet code marking. Under the current technical situation, color inkjet printer marking is realized. White ink inkjet printer is relatively common, because the color ink is a kind of mixture to make color It is contained in the ink itself, so the design of the inkjet printer is required to achieve a certain degree of precision, the piping design needs to be reasonable, the design of the nozzle needs to be more precise, and more importantly, the inkjet printer maintains the ink during the use of the ink. The proper state source delivers the blood of the inkjet printer, these are different from the black ink inkjet printer. Yellow ink is one of the commonly used color inks in white ink jet printers. Generally, yellow ink can create bright and beautiful logos, and in different packaging materials, yellow ink can highlight the color of the logo, improve the comfort of reading, and highlight the logo and product. Therefore, the application of yellow ink is also used in white ink inkjet printers. As part of the color logo, yellow ink creates exquisite product logos for more packaging and products, and becomes one of the logo landscapes.
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