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Colorful inkjet microcrystalline reinvigorated microcrystalline technology help the ceramic technology, ceramics _ domestic news

by:Arojet     2021-05-09
Throughout 2011, the Chinese market, domestic ceramic industry has experienced great turmoil. There is still a new bright spot under a cold snap, inkjet technology has become this year's ceramics in the cold, let a person feel gratified a landscape. Inkjet reinvigorated microcrystalline technology makes the ceramic industry. Throughout 2011, the Chinese market, domestic ceramic industry has experienced great turmoil. On the one hand, is in the history of severe restrictions on the housing sales decline caused by ceramics excess capacity, on the other hand, the European commission decision, formal anti-dumping duty on imports of Chinese ceramic tile, high tax rate will reach 69. Bring the huge impact of 7%; On the one hand is the old production technology and customer demands the extreme imbalance between, on the other hand is low quality, high pollution events emerge in endlessly, in domestic ceramic industry after the glory of the early has inevitably entered into development, upgrading transformation has become a top priority. Inkjet microcrystalline technology makes ceramics reinvigorated, however, there is still a new bright spot under a cold snap, inkjet technology has become this year's ceramics landscape in cold, let a person feel gratified. As is known to all, in ceramic production, printing is a crucial part of brick of pottery and porcelain product default, past the ceramic tile printing experienced silk screen printing, roller printing in two stages, in the present Chinese ceramic enterprises, the use of the latter is more popular. The disadvantages of this kind of printing is that under the control of cost, a printed format can only print design products limited, therefore, at the time of purchase, the consumer can only passively accept the ceramic brick of pottery and porcelain of the supply of design and color, very limited in terms of individual choice. And porcelain ceramic ink-jet printing is successfully achieve the change from traditional copy to the printer, can be successfully implemented as the default, any time halt production of small batch production, satisfied with the diversification of user needs. In trying to use new technology, docking and fusion between technology and technique is necessary, in this respect, the domestic well-known brand, ceramic sample provides a good model for the industry, with its products, the seventh generation of microcrystalline, for example, it is pioneering the current inkjet printing is a combination of technology and material science, on the one hand use inkjet technology to make the world a Shi Zhenyu compete to resurrection, to the quality of the jade to make whole household as a distinguished luxury. On the other hand, make full use of the compact structure of microcrystalline advantages of uniform, crystal, texture clear, create no pollution, convenient cleaning maintenance and style of the ceramic products at the same time. Actually, for a long time, sen's ceramic is extremely to pay close attention to market development, the technical innovation, it also positively study and grasp the domestic and foreign ceramic popular wind direction, pay attention to humanistic and ecological natural combination, and uphold the culture as the root, the design for this, reflect individual character, the development of quality ideas for new products and new technology research and development, developed including polishing brick, fine art wall brick, under the glaze color glazed ceramic tiles, microlite and a series of many varieties of specifications, design and color is diversiform, complete equipments, make every adornment space contains music, sculpture, painting, literature and other strong artistic appeal and elegant emotional appeal, realize the docking with modern urban life. 30 years since reform and opening up, China's many industries are facing the transformation and upgrading, ceramic industry is no exception, to be in an impregnable position in the market, must endure pain, to carry on the revolutionary transformation, each big ceramic enterprises should also take this opportunity to profound reflection, to carry on the technological innovation, to build the core technology, improve product grade and added value. Believe that, with the clear industrial policy releasing, the ceramic industry will usher in the golden age of splendor, coruscate gives new vitality again. sina
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