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Coding and marking to ensure production efficiency

by:Arojet     2021-07-30
On the production line, the most important principle is the coordination and cooperation between products to ensure the production efficiency of the production line. Any machine on the production line is not an independent individual, but needs to be configured according to the overall requirements. Therefore, the selection of machines in each link of the production line needs to be based on the production speed of the product. Production and labeling are an important part of the current production line. Therefore, today, with the rapid development of the speed and efficiency of production machines, it is necessary to identify products to continuously improve their product quality and production speed. The inkjet printer industry has a pivotal position in the marking industry. Through the current cooperation with multiple production lines and the joint development of multi-industry production, the inkjet printer has proved that the use of inkjet printers on the production line can effectively improve the overall production efficiency and make the whole and part of the production line operate in harmony. At the same time, the production speed of the inkjet printer can meet the production requirements of most products. For some production lines with higher requirements, choosing a high-end inkjet printer can complete the production requirements of the product and ensure the production efficiency of the final production line. In recent years, the application of inkjet printers in fully automatic production lines has become more and more widespread. This is because inkjet printers have a very high adaptability to automatic production lines. Basically, as long as the relevant values u200bu200bare set, the relevant tasks can be completed. The inkjet printer also has a certain degree of intelligence, and can process some dynamic data of product shifts and batch numbers.
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