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Coated ink-jet printing directly by printing industry is looking forward to for ten years. Coated ink-jet printing directly, then, why are so looking forward to and welcome

by:Arojet     2021-05-03
One, from the current situation of the printing industry most graphic company, output, printing mainly in the ordinary digital paper or copy printed on coated paper. Coated paper as one of the widely used paper printing industry, market demand is very big. Because of the past can't print directly on the coated paper, so that a copy of coated paper. The benefits of direct print on coated paper 3 points. 1, the cost savings. The coated paper printing now use to 7000 yuan/ton, converted to 200 g/m2A4 wide, sheet-fed cost will probably be 0. 1 yuan/copies. Commonly used 190 g/m2A4 wide digital proofing paper or coated paper, sheet-fed at zero cost. More than 6 yuan/copies. 2, from the function, can directly print on the glossy paper, it is easy to solve the problem of digital proofing and color in, because for proofing and printing paper is exactly the same. Widely used 3, coated paper, coated paper on inkjet printing directly solves the print media, also brought a broader market for short version printing. Second, from the developing trend of printing industry the digital operation will become the mainstream trend, on the one hand, the decrease of the intermediate links, avoid the investment of the equipment and the increase of labor costs, improve the working efficiency. Operation is simple and convenient on the other hand, highlight the personalized service, can be printed at any time, along with the change along with the print. Three, from the perspective of a bond in the printing industry application market coated paper used to print posters, advertising, landscape painting, calendars, books and other printed matter, in the tender, recipes, business CARDS, card certificate, product manuals, contributes presents, such as a short version of the book has huge potential application fields. High glossy paper smoothness, glossiness, image clarity, colour and lustre is gorgeous when it is used in color printing, high saturation, etc, therefore widely used in the short version of the print and digital proofing. Short version printing widely used to achieve the personalized printing, with the development of the digital trend. Digital proofing, manifests the equipment use of low cost, convenient operation, easy to color, have the advantage of large format printing, is gradually replacing traditional proofing and laser proofing, huge market prospects. At present, the coated paper are increasingly used in office area, greatly reduce the cost of color printing paper. Coated ink-jet printing directly to solve the technical difficulties in where? For the most part first we to the analysis of coated paper, coated paper coating is not designed for inkjet ink, its use in printing ink has excellent affinity, but for the printing ink of the adsorption ability is poor. By changing the ink characteristics, in order to improve the coated ink-jet printing effect, it is easy to think of solutions, but this kind of scheme to implement very difficult, in the previous technical conditions can be difficult to achieve. Now, hongsheng JETALL water-based ink made it, and on the basis of the integration of the coated paper proofing. Relying on ink research and development strength, hongsheng launch JETALL water-based pigment ink, retained pigment ink high saturation, high stability, high color reproduction, waterproof, non-deformation, quick dry fine qualities, and cooperate with the advanced constant temperature heating mode makes the high-speed jet drops on the coated paper uncoated moment solidification, helping to shape the image quickly, bright color is more realistic. This specific content modification heating device for water-based pigment ink printer ordinary coated paper, its core is a water-based pigment ink. This product can print all the printing paper, especially gold and silver cardboard, can realize more about 40 ℃ low temperature print, even a tissue paper zhang won't roll become warped, and its water quality, ensure the operator and the surrounding people's health, protection of inkjet printer head also played a role, prolong the service life of the printer. Coated paper: printing solutions using ink water-based ink recommended equipment: EpsonStylusPro7908, 9908, 9880, 7880, 4880, etc. Require modification of the heating device to the device, the quantitative within 300 g/m2 coated paper suggest heating temperature within 40 ℃, more than 300 g/m2, and the heating temperature of coated paper and Suggestions for gold and silver cardboard within 50 ℃. Compared with the traditional printing and other printing method on market, where the advantage of the coated paper printing solutions? First of all, the traditional way of printing is very difficult to do a few short version printing printing. Compared with digital proofing, traditional printing proofing equipment using high cost, slow and cumbersome links, at the same time need to plate making proofing again. Secondly, using the way of laser print or electronic ink printing, large printing width limitations in A3, can't print full open, folio paper, at the same time it is hard to with color, and the high cost of equipment and consumables. Using weak solvent inkjet ink printing glossy paper, used to occupy a certain market. Compared with the weak solvent ink and water-based pigment ink print's advantage lies in: ( 1) Green environmental protection, protection of inkjet head; ( 2) Without any solvent composition, non-toxic, harmless, without excitant odour; ( 3) Colour is gorgeous, high saturation. Through the preliminary understanding of the market of some customers, customers on the coated paper printing solutions: is the overall evaluation of the simple, practical, high, very applicable to traditional printing industry. Believe that the application of water-based paint, will greatly promote the process of coated paper to print the green, inject new vitality for the traditional printing industry.
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