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Chromaticity green ink jet printing paper were introduced

by:Arojet     2021-05-12
In printing, publishing, packaging and wide wide prints in the market for Chromaticity color management and digital imaging technology company, announced that it would soon after successful Validation of the Validation contract of inkjet proofing paper series launched two new levels of printed materials: ValidationSG3 commercial printing proofing materials ValidationPS publishing and proofing materials. The launch of the Validation printing material standard product portfolio includes Validation250 satin paper, this is a pre-production printing and media companies all over the United States is widely recognized by the printing material, used GRACoL inkjet proofing. < P > 'Chromaticity company is one of a few in the world can provide for the SWOP triple proofing proofing materials made of one of the suppliers. 'Chromaticity company vice President of marketing at IanMackenzie said. 'These new proofing materials used in SWOP triple proofing system is perfect proofing material varieties, because they no longer need to inkjet printing publications. Because of these grades are paper-based, they use petroleum products production of similar products more environmentally friendly. They can land that is compatible with all kinds of inkjet proofing system used today. '< / P > < P > ValidationSG3 commercial printing proofing materials is a competitively priced printing material, can be used for a variety of common ink combination. Of the substrate is dedicated to meet IDEAlliance SWOP level 3 specification specified in the publications of offline simulation is not need to pull the white field and performance requirements stipulated in the design. Because of ValidationSG3 adopt paper base material, its look and feel and the actual materials used in the same offset press, can reproduce color gamut, enough for commercial printing and publishing printing and packaging printing proofing. The substrate of the natural production mode can also be applied to model making, not wrinkle when folding, base material and can guarantee transparency, prevent show through. < / P > < P > ValidationPS publishing is a competitively priced with proofing materials proofing materials, can be used for all of the water-based ink jet printer. The proofing material USES is the actual publication printing substrate, microporous inkjet coating with high quality. PS published by proofing materials and all kinds of existing water compatible inkjet ink combination, can reproduce enough color gamut, commercial printing, publishing and packaging printing proofing. Because it is a kind of real publications with substrates, PS published with direct proofing proofing material is more expensive to the substrate of an ideal alternative to proofing system. < / P > < P > ValidationSG3 and ValidationPS published paper is paper base on substrates, accord with environmental protection, using natural resources. SG3 and PS published paper are recyclable and biodegradable products, than the corresponding proofing materials save 37% of the raw materials. < / P >
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