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Chinese inkjet network teaches you how to use inkjet printers with low failure in summer

by:Arojet     2021-07-26
Summer is coming, the peak production season, how to ensure the high efficiency of the inkjet printer, low failure use, the Chinese inkjet network to give you a suggestion:    due to the high temperature in summer, coupled with the long-term continuous use of the inkjet printer during the peak production season, the inkjet printer The stability of the printer is a test. Choosing imported printers such as Videojet from the United States, Domino from the United Kingdom, Imaje from France and other imported brands can greatly reduce the failure of the printer. 1. Continuous dot matrix inkjet printers are generally equipped with automatic cleaning on and off, so please make sure to start or stop normally when starting or shutting down. The printer will automatically control the cleaning procedure, and clean the pipeline and nozzles to ensure that the printer is used normally next time. . To ensure clean cleaning, manual cleaning of nozzles and recovery holes can be performed after normal shutdown. 2. Frequently check whether the power supply system of the printer has continuous uninterrupted power supply. If the power supply cannot be supplied normally due to power restriction, an uninterrupted power supply can be added to prevent the printer from being unable to perform the cleaning procedure due to the sudden power failure and causing the printer to fail to perform cleaning procedures and flow ink blocking , Frequent power failure will also damage or burn out the short circuit. Third, the daily maintenance and regular maintenance of the printer are equally important. Ensure that the daily maintenance is carried out correctly. Once the regular maintenance time is reached or will be reached, arrange a time to find an engineer for maintenance in advance to ensure that the printer is always running in the best state of use. Fourth, due to the high temperature in summer, the use of inkjet printer consumables will also change. Plan the usage of inkjet printer consumables as much as possible to ensure that the inkjet printer is used within the best viscosity range.
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