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Chinese ink jet printing technology for the future development trend analyses, future technology development, the three convenient characteristics

by:Arojet     2021-05-11
Ink jet printing is a kind of non-contact, no stress, no printing plate printing replication technology. It has no version of the common features of digital printing, which can realize the variable information printing. In recent years, with the progress of science and technology, the updated development of ink-jet printing technology has been accelerated. There are many kinds of ink-jet printing way, its basic principle is the first electronic computer storage of graphic information input to the flat-panel printers, again through the special device, under the control of the electronic computer, from the nozzle to the surface of substrates spray fog drops, according to the charge effect on the surface of substrates direct imaging, become the final print. Inkjet printing is after the silk screen printing and printing of new technology, like the silk screen printing on substrates is extensive, can be in different shapes, different materials of surface printing, strong adaptability, is currently the technology development is very rapid, the new printing method of expanding market, showing great development prospects. Ink jet printing technology for the future development trend can be divided into three aspects: one is fine and display of ink-jet printing head. Fine inkjet print head refers to inkjet print head of nozzle aperture continue to fall with the increase of ink-jet printing resolution, frequency, inkjet ink jet imaging level gradually achieve the point size photos of ink: ink jet print head array of a single print head integrated manufacturing refers to the small size for the page display array to the integration of multiple print head width, width of ink-jet imaging and printing format width. Future array type of ink-jet printing head width will be consistent with the actual printing format, print quality and the printing speed will reach or exceed the level of existing printer, inkjet printer can partly replace the traditional printing machine. Secondly, ink-jet printing ink or ink generality and replaceability. As is known to all, printing enterprises to select equipment and technology is the precondition of generality and replaceability of the printed material. The ink-jet printing equipment manufacturers and inkjet printing ink or ink manufacturers are trying to break through for most ink-jet printing head and the integrity of the ink-jet printing ink or ink research and development and the existence of versatility and lack of alternative this bottleneck, ink-jet printing equipment to popularize and apply for solution to the overall solution. A third is the colour of adaptive and intelligent management system and production management system. The colour of adaptive and intelligent management system and production management system, namely USES the fully digital ink jet printing, color printing process control management and intelligent production management to achieve high quality, rate, low cost, high value-added production printing. The colour of this kind of adaptive and intelligent management system and production management system, to adapt the from user colour design environment, guarantee the quality of the user colour emersion precision safeguard level to ensure that the ink jet printing system can meet the demand of diversified color design environment and color reproduction, and intelligent optimizing production process, ensure the printing buyers personalized printing material requirements, product processing and surface finishing needs, to ensure that each print buyers product delivered on time, and production operation redundancy and low cost. China packaging printing machinery network
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