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CHINAPRINT2013: domestic sheet-fed ink-jet printer _ inkjet printers, paper CHINAPRINT

by:Arojet     2021-04-27
On May 14, 2013, the 8th international exhibition of printing technology (Beijing CHINAPRINT2013) In new China international exhibition center ( Shunyi) Was held. Tianjin Eva shows in cooperation with tianjin too chuan technology co. , LTD. Development of sheet-fed color digital inkjet printing machine. Sheet-fed digital color ink-jet printing machine boasts the first domestic sheet-fed ink-jet printing machine made by Eva, fuselage and inkjet technology adopted too chuan TCjet420 ink-jet system of science and technology. It is understood that the resolution of the device is up to 360 dpi & times; 360 dpi, a paper to complete code variable information printing color image information, data, can be independently secondary positioning printing variable data code information, and can be combined according to the practical production requirements for flexible module, support for variable information code of online detection. According to introducing, the ink jet printing technology width from 70 mm to 780 mm, can support coated paper, composite paper, glass, PVC, PET, PP, PE and other substrates. From the point of the proof of the tianjin Eva display, Eva sheet-fed digital color ink-jet printing machine still has a larger development space. China packaging printing machinery network
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