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China ink-jet printer market there will be ten times the growth, inkjet printer _ domestic news

by:Arojet     2021-05-11
News: on September 2, 2010, Canon, managing director Asia marketing group President of Canon China President and chief executive officer Mr Ozawa show tree, said in an interview with Chinese ink jet printer market in 10 years also is expected to extend 10 times, because there are a large number of home users without purchasing a printer. In order to achieve this target market, Canon wants to rapidly improve its inkjet printer PIXMA brand visibility, therefore after EOS, also invited Jackie chan as spokesperson for printer product line; At the same time, in terms of market development, in order to get a new home users as the goal. In 2009, according to IDC, China ink-jet printer market sales of about 3. 5 million m, but mostly in the enterprise market, home users to printer purchase quantity is still very low. Each year, according to Canon China users will buy 2 million digital SLR, digital SLR market ownership of more than 10 million at present, if it's just digital SLR print at home, that would be a huge potential market. Mr Ozawa said, hope in the next 10 years, Canon printer can cover the comprehensive Chinese users, hope each customer can be finished printing at home. Head printers, and other products of Canon China co. , LTD. Information consumption products division headquarters, general manager of county norikoyamaguchi, says ms because of inkjet printers have low cost, high quality color photo output capacity, more suitable for going into the family. Canon PIXMA inkjet printer's new spokesman ChengLongZe says the family print's demand from the user's point of view: I took a lot of photos, but because not trust, the safety of image output are reluctant to go to the output center for printing. PIXMA gave me a very good program, print up feeling very fast, very convenient. It is understood that the Canon for home users type from three directions: the first is for digital camera users, they need to print pictures in the home, according to the market, the Canon EOS profile could be used to help promote printer products. Followed by the vast number of students, many of whom have a need to download homework or test paper to print. The third of ordinary users need to print the online information, accustomed to print in the office, return to a home, there will be a large number of printing needs. A lot of Chinese users often want to go to the company to print download homework, photos, etc. , Canon hope that they can experience the easy and convenient to print at home. Ms county department said. In addition to stimulate a home user demand for printing, the cost of the threshold is also hinder the family printers, the key factors to spread rapidly in China. Canon inkjet printer business the department deputy security affairs of his good, said the Canon in product research and development has been emphasized in improve print quality and curb rising costs, such as the quality of the new printer output beyond the past, but the Canon commitment, through technology upgrading, make cost and the previous generation products keep the same level. He said: EOS camera image quality is popular because it is over, so the Canon developed matching printer output quality, allows users to obtain a true reflection of EOS imaging capability. Consistent when we improve the quality of printing costs, is actually to help users to save costs. Mr Ozawa said at the same time, Canon China achieved 40% year-on-year in the first half of the year, beyond the growth target of 25%. In the field of inkjet printers, Canon has achieved 34% market share in China, is to the market. For this result, he seemed not satisfied: because of the economic crisis last year, so 40% growth achievement is not very outstanding, we just do the work. Net win
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