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Ceramic printing technology progress and innovation is important in the development of modern ceramic thrust, for ceramic decoration effect of diversification and individuation to provide technical support. Since the

by:Arojet     2021-05-03
Developed modern building ceramic industry in China in the 1970 s, ceramic printing technology has experienced the silk screen printing, roller printing, inkjet printing technology revolution, three times every ceramic printing technology revolution of the ceramic industry development trend, has brought enormous response. At the same time, when new technologies emerge, old technology will also quit the stage of history. 2013 guangzhou ceramics exhibition set up ink-jet printing technology and application exhibition area, a number of activities and BBS revolves around inkjet printing technology, chemical companies to launch ZhuFa glaze and associated with inkjet ink, in order to keep up with the pace of the rapid development of ink-jet printing. Market, especially inkjet products, popular and hot. Gradually fading, to be replaced the roller printing roller printing technology was advanced in the world ceramic printing technology, the popularization and application of it accelerated the ceramic printing technology for the second time the arrival of the revolution. Roller roller printing machine with silk screen roller and rubber roller. Screen roller early in Italy has been a large number of ceramic power use, and our country introduced basically is an upgraded version of the rubber roller, then the rubber roller printing equipment was adopted by many enterprises. It is reported, in the ceramic industry, from roller printing of individual appear to generally accepted and production application process took only about 10 years. Compared with promote the ceramic printing revolution of silk screen printing, roller printing is a kind of flexible printing, the breakthrough is that can realize the concave and convex surface printing, overcome the limitations of the print so that the surface of the brick levels more rich, the nature of simulation is higher. In an age of science and technology changes with each passing day, roller printing technology by another; ; The impact of the ink-jet printing. Ink jet printing is a great innovation on the ceramic printing technology, a complete reversal of the previous printing technology. This is a kind of non-contact, no stress, no printing plate, the electronic computer inkjet printer can print information stored in the input. It has no version of the common features of digital printing, which can realize the variable information printing. In addition to use convenient and diverse vivid advantage of design and color, ink jet printing technology will eventually replace the roller printing technology is the decisive factor of low production cost. According to statistics, ink utilization rate is as high as 98%, little waste and cleaner, more environmentally friendly. In terms of nissan 8000 square meters of ceramic tile, glaze using other printing methods about need 4 ~ 5 tons, 1 and a half tons and inkjet printing with ink. The personage inside course of study, according to when the price of the ink per ton in 220000 inkjet printing cost and flat roller printing, the production cost of the ink-jet printing has been below the roller printing. A ceramic enterprise boss tells a reporter, two or three years ago the rise of ink-jet printing roller printing is gradually fading, now as the inkjet printing technology popularization and lower production costs, roller printing in many ceramic production enterprises gradually replaced, the new production line using inkjet technology, only some of the old production line are still in the tradition of roller printing technology. On behalf of the new technology of ink jet printing, he thought, instead of the roller printing is an inevitable trend of development. Printer won copiers roller printing in the printing a format can produce a kind of design and color and must be mass-produced, consumers can only passively accept the ceramic tile ceramic enterprises to provide design and color, in the aspect of personalization is relatively lacking. The personage inside course of study, the traditional ceramic printing technology as the copier, the texture effect is the same; And ceramic ink-jet printing is realized to the printer, can realize arbitrary design, production of small batch production at any time, meet the diversified and personalized demand. Ceramic printing technology from the second revolution to the third revolution in advance, inkjet printing for at least five aspects beat roller printing, achieved breakthrough development. 1, broke the version number of roller printing. It can follow one's inclinations, without being limited by the version number, focusing all colors in a printing, greatly enhance the richness and administrative levels feeling of the color, giving splendid color of the ceramic tile of beauty. 2, break the flat MianPi restrictions. Through the inkjet printing technology, can transform the ceramic tile of plane into any uneven, irregular surface, using ink-jet printing technology can easily finish the work, thus giving the stereo effect of ceramic tile. 3, broke the limit repetition texture. And roller printing to us is the same or almost the same texture effects of the difference is that the ceramic tile of grain of ink-jet printing technology not only can make the same, more can make the ceramic tile of grain of different at the same time, give us a different texture for each piece of ceramic tile, enriched the diversity of ceramic tile. 4, breaking the traditional production time limit. From the design output; ; Mass production; ; Printing; ; Burnt, need at least 3 days; Roller printing, need at least 2 days; And inkjet printing, from the design output; ; Ink-jet printing. ; Burning, only need three to four hours of time, greatly improving the production efficiency. 5, break the limit of ceramic tile design. Can be used marble or a variety of wallpaper, etc. , can be more street photography to landscapes, based on the nature, the texture is more realistic. Porto ceramic tile chun-rong zhou has engaged in ceramic production management, sales manager in a talk with reporters, he said the inkjet printing technology revolutionary innovation in many industries, including ceramic, has huge market potential and development space, instead of the roller printing represented by traditional printing technology and become the leading market has been very obvious
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