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Ceramic ink-jet printing in the future development of technological innovation is a way out _ printing supplies, inkjet printing _ market dynamics

by:Arojet     2021-04-27
Takeaway: with the continuous development of printing technology and printing consumables and the application of ink-jet technology gradually emerged, and obtained the rapid development in the printing industry. Indeed, the emergence of inkjet technology, application and promotion is a double-edged sword, improve the overall level of the industry product research and development, production at the same time, with the decrease of the product difference between enterprises, product homogeneity phenomenon is more serious. And under the background of product homogeneityphenomenon more and more serious, and is paid close attention to product innovation; And product innovation depends on technology and technical support. Fast da ping cheng tao, general manager of north China headquarters, said ceramic application of ink-jet technology for manufacturing enterprises. Inkjet technology to promote the standardization, digital production, make ceramic tile product design is more abundant, shorten product development cycle, can also produce small orders. At the same time, but also makes the product homogeneity is more serious; And, as a result of ink features, is limited in the design and color of ceramic tile products. How to technological innovation, boosting enterprise development to product? Industrial ceramic inkjet technology? He introduced from two aspects of equipment and the ink is the trend of ceramic ink jet. Equipment, through the intelligent, with links to other plant equipment. Method of multi-channel, the use of special printing channel, will be eight channel development to more channels. Learned, fast to put forward eight channel a few years ago, has been as a standardized operation. Modularity, upgraded function more powerful, can effectively reduce the production cost; Software functions more powerful, the use of colour auxiliary product design and development of intelligent management system, simplify the operation process. In addition, also including the application of new technologies, such as overseas has been in research and development of spray glaze technology, laser printing technology. Media, on the one hand, the ink color more diversified, more colorful. Ink, on the other hand, new technology improvement. At present there are companies are studying is given priority to with oily ink, water-based ink. Water-based ink once developed, can significantly improve the ink color. Moreover, application of special function ink, such as the inferior smooth, concave and convex, three-dimensional printing effect of ink in the north, such as special application in shandong is very narrow, there are a lot of room to grow. In addition, the penetration of ink research and development is a major concern. Refers to the pattern by the penetration ink ink into the surface of ceramic tile, can improve the hardness of ceramic tile. Di culture network
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