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Cas green printing technology push development of beijing-tianjin-hebei langfang landing _ green printing, nano inkjet _ local news

by:Arojet     2021-05-01
Takeaway: on December 19, langfang and the Beijing branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences key green printing innovation service platform school success settled in zhuhai sanhe city cooperation projects and put into production, marks the city entered the stage of substantial cooperation with Beijing branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, opened a courtyard, multi-level long-term cooperation in the field of new journey. Municipal committee, deputy mayor Gu Yongqing, li jing, vice President of the Beijing branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China's printing industry association, deputy director of Lu Changan and other leaders to attend the activities for the green printing innovation service platform. Green printing innovation service platform mainly used nano inkjet direct plate-making technology, the technology by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (htma yan-lin song, independent research and development team, a researcher based on oil-wet and difference on the surface of the water meter, the graphic part directly in the form of ink jet molding on the plate, don't need developing and fixing, from the source to eliminate the chemical liquid waste and waste water discharge, avoid the pollution of the environment, implements the green plate making, reduce the printing cost. The technology at the international level, has been included in 'China printing industry technology roadmap', the system of attestation of Chinese environment mark, has won the 19th national invention exhibition gold award, the national printing industry top scientific and technological innovation achievement and so on many honors. After Beijing zhongke recruiting printing technology co. , LTD. , six years of incubation and constantly improve, nanomaterials green plate-making technology has reached the standard of large-scale application, compared with the traditional printing plate, each year for the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, more than 10000 printing enterprise to reduce wastewater discharge more than 100 ten thousand tonnes. Nano green printing technology as a Beijing branch of the Chinese academy of science and technology achievements transformation key demonstration project, the first demonstration in sanhe green printing innovation service platform, can at the same time for the nearly hundred printing enterprise provide reliable plate product environmental protection, will in future replication in beijing-tianjin-hebei area 50. The platform is the key to coordinate our city with Beijing branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences to promote cooperation model project of city, is also the two sides to create the print industry benchmarking platform in the country. Application of the platform, will certainly to promote beijing-tianjin-hebei region and even the whole country and binding the technology upgrading of the industry, the green development of printing industry to provide strong technical support. Langfang media network
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