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Cartridges three core technology breakthrough intellectual property barrier _ _ cartridge local news

by:Arojet     2021-04-30
, director of the dalian university of technology state key laboratory of fine chemicals, professor peng xj team with zhuhai na sida ai park, zhuhai, zhuhai Rhine ko companies such as cooperation, is an international, implements the ink cartridge three core key technology breakthrough, at home and abroad authorized more than 20. Dalian university of technology in inkjet dye, the structure of the ink cartridge, chip technology aspects of a breakthrough in the core technology, has cleared the obstacle of intellectual property rights for the print cartridges in our country. The new dye broke through the weather resistance stability of the ink-jet printing images technology issues and technical barriers to the industry; Ink is used to control the flow of air pressure valve, replace the original technology, the ink storage capacity is much, ink residue quantity is little, to reduce the user operation cost, etc; Will the adapter of the separation of the ink cartridge chip technology, achieved the dream of the replacement cartridges to reuse chip; In the global technology, using a combination of the capacitor block SRAM EEPROM cleverly realized with foreign FRAM chip the same functionality, broke the monopoly of foreign multinational corporations. The key technology of desktop printing ink cartridges contain the ink, ink cartridges, recognition chip three parts. The technology since 2008, the overall large-scale applications, with annual capacity of 60 million sets of generic cartridges, accounted for over 20% of the global generic cartridges, market share, annual output of print cartridges chip. 2. 400 million, accounting for global inkjet compatible chips more than 70% market share, fundamentally broke through the monopoly of foreign, greatly promote the development of inkjet printing consumables industry in China. According to peng xj, the dye ink is the key to print image quality, also is the commanding heights of the international quality of ink cartridge and the focus of foreign multinational company monopoly. Ink motion control performed by the ink cartridge structure parts, multinationals from principle to design has been covered with. Printer manufacturers set up exclusive chip, not only to break the original procedures and code, but also establish its own intellectual property rights of new program, so the original program is higher than that in general chip need technical connotation can be achieved.
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