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Carton UV inkjet printer with quality up to Class A standard

by:Arojet     2021-07-23
The carton is a three-dimensional shape, which is composed of a polyhedron formed by moving, stacking, folding, and enclosing several composed surfaces. Nowadays, commodity packaging needs to identify related content on its appearance, such as QR code, barcode, production date, etc., and the QR code can be traced for anti-counterfeiting. It is nothing more than the use of carton UV inkjet printers to identify and process, and the equipment is fast. Can improve work efficiency and save costs. The carton UV inkjet printer uses environmentally friendly ink, which does not pollute the product being sprayed. The content of the inkjet code is the internationally accepted one-dimensional, two-dimensional barcode, quantum cloud code, spectral code, database, date, picture, LOGO, batch number, anti-counterfeiting code, class and serial number, etc., and the inkjet content reaches Class A, scanning rate high. The intelligent large inkjet printer can be connected to a custom database to print variable QR codes to achieve anti-counterfeiting function, low-cost operation mode, environmentally friendly ink is convenient to add ink, no ink leakage, and the printing process reduces paper waste and greatly saves the cost of consumables . The equipment is stable and supports 24-hour continuous production. The ink color is uniform and stable. It is easy to clean. It can realize non-stop ink filling, avoiding the waste of paper boxes and ink, and the nozzle has a long service life. In order to increase the value of the product itself, the secondary packaging adopts the paper box UV The inkjet printer performs code assignment to meet the needs of industry applications, improve product production efficiency, and increase the market response rate. It is deeply loved by customers in the packaging industry.
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