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Caps two-dimensional code coding equipment advantages


The cap is used to seal the bottle. According to different functions, there are caps with different shapes and different operation methods. Then, at the top of the cap, there is also a two-dimensional code application. In industrial production, there is application to QR code and DM code, especially some goods that will involve import and export, more will use DM type QR code, international versatility will be stronger; if it is circulating in the country, and there is marketing demand, use more It is the QR code.The premise of realizing this kind of code is realized by the cap two-dimensional code coding equipment of the bottle cap. It is a high-tech inkjet marking device, and it is the new darling of product or packaging coding. It plays a role in the national industrial marking machinery and equipment. Important roles, and the markup of product packaging is also an important part.

For the adhesion of two-dimensional code printing, in the market, the customer or the manufacturer responds to the bottle cap two-dimensional code coding equipment with good adhesion, the ink will dry quickly after ultraviolet irradiation, increasing the difficulty of modification and erasing, but As the capping code, on the one hand, the speed, on the other hand, the landing problem of the installation technology, will affect the landing implementation of the UV inkjet printer. UV inkjet is a new technology. The monochrome bottle cap printer combines the advantages of inkjet printing technology and UV curing technology, which has the convenience of inkjet technology and the efficiency advantage of adhesion curing. It is well known that the bottle cap is an important part of the beverage packaging, which will directly affect the market demand for the bottle cap. The booming beverage industry has become more and more demanding on the product packaging, which in turn has driven the demand for cap products.

The two-dimensional code coding equipment of the bottle cap has high adhesion and high efficiency on the printing of the bottle cap, adopts UV environmental protection ink, is not easy to fade, has good gloss of printing effect, strong adhesion, high DPI resolution, and feels bump The feel is simple and quick to install on the high-speed production line. The printed content is illuminated by the LED-UV curing lamp with strong light and ultraviolet light. The content is sprayed and dried to meet the needs of a wider range of applications.

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