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Monochromatic bottle cap printer suits Industrial Development sufficiently


Bottle cap is the upstream industry of food and pharmaceutical industry, and is the key product of bottle container packaging. Nowadays, security awareness has been enhanced, and traceable effect of anti-counterfeiting has been increasing rapidly. To achieve this point, the call of the national food and drug supervision and management is also the voice of the general public. Safety issues need to be solved by enterprises to establish a tracing system, and the establishment of tracing system needs the technical support of third-party organizations platform. It is necessary to adopt traceable effect that can achieve anti-counterfeiting. Monochrome bottle cap printer, give the cap of commodity bottle or bottle body directly with variable two-dimensional code, let the printer cooperate with the merchant to solve the problem of anti-counterfeiting tracing, borrow high-quality jet printer equipment to help you.


Ink-jet is a new technology. It uses the technology of computer direct control output, non-printing plate and non-contact stable coding. It combines the advantages of ink-jet printing technology and ultraviolet curing technology with the use of monochrome bottle-cap printer. Industrial inkjet printer has the advantages of both ink-jet technology and adhesion curing efficiency. As we all know, bottle caps are an important part of beverage packaging, which will directly affect the market demand for bottle caps. With the booming development of the beverage industry, the demand for product packaging is getting higher and higher, and the demand for bottle cap products is driven.


Single color bottle cap printer with stable ink supply adopts negative pressure ink supply system and positive pressure nozzle cleaning. It can be used for monochrome treatment. It supports five colors: black, white, yellow, red and blue. It only needs to pour the ink of specified color into the machine cartridge, and it can be sprayed as soon as possible. It ensures the stability, reliability and long service life of the inkjet system. It also has the convenience of inkjet technology, as well as the convenience of inkjet technology. It has the advantage of solidifying adhesion. On-line combination platform, realizing linkage, personalized customization, accurate positioning of materials, deviation of 0.5mm, stable quality of printing, customized equipment for capping industry to assign a complete set of solutions.

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