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Candy packaging logo inkjet printer shapes the perfect packaging of goods

by:Arojet     2021-08-02
Arnoldage company supplies candy packaging marking inkjet printers to provide packaging companies with perfection and creativity in product packaging. Packaging function refers to the role and effect of packaging. From product to product, it generally passes through the production and circulation areas. In the field of sales, it can finally reach the hands of consumers. In this transformation process, packaging plays a very important role. The function of packaging is to protect the goods; the other is the social function, which is to mediate the goods, that is, to introduce the goods to consumers and attract them, so as to achieve the purpose of expanding sales and occupying the market. At present, domestic candy packaging mainly includes packaging molding machinery twisted packaging, pillow packaging, and folding packaging. Candy packaging protects the product's due luster, fragrance and shape and can extend shelf life; the second is to prevent microbial and dust pollution. Improve product hygiene and safety; third, exquisite product packaging can increase consumers’ desire to buy and product value. Product packaging has two characteristics: subordination and commerciality. Packaging is an accessory to its contents; product packaging is attached to Special commodities with built-in commodities have value and use value; at the same time, they are an important means to realize the value and use value of built-in commodities. The candy packaging inkjet printer uses professional UV ink to print the inkjet printer logo, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also has a great development in the range of printing materials. Various types of barcodes and graphics and other variable data can be directly printed on many originals. Water-based or oil-based inks cannot be printed on materials. The inkjet printer has high efficiency, high adhesion, excellent performance and favorable price. It is worth having.
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