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Brief analysis of spray code scheme in cement industry

by:Arojet     2021-07-24

Analysis of coding schemes in cement industry.

Characteristics of the cement industry:

Science and technology innovation has enabled modern enterprises to automate production, and cement enterprises are no exception. Cement enterprises have large output, high degree of mechanical automation, assembly line operation, and product identification With the continuous progress of the development of marking technology, cement companies have abandoned the traditional manual printing, ink roll printing and other marking methods, and are constantly trying to use inkjet printers to achieve online marking. At present, the application of inkjet printers in the cement industry has become increasingly mature, bringing cement companies not only the simplification of code assignment, but also the saving of production costs such as labor costs and marking costs.

The composition of the cement inkjet printer: control system and air delivery ink system. The control system is composed of a computer control system, including CPU, EPROM memory, keyboard, programmer, etc. The air supply ink circuit system has two modes: external air supply and self-supply. The air path for external air supply is formed by the air source-ink tank-nozzle; the air path for self air supply is formed by the ink tank-micro water pump-nozzle.

The principle of cement inkjet printer printing: the nozzle is composed of 7 or more solenoid valve nozzles, and the host controls the opening and closing of the solenoid valve to print dot matrix character information. The information content can be related information such as time, shift, printing quantity, etc., and can realize online counting.

The advantages of cement inkjet printer: high degree of automation, labor saving, clear inkjet printing effect, standard inkjet coding, and provide a good basis for product statistics and management.

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