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Bottle cap two-dimensional code UV inkjet printer Anova takes the lead

by:Arojet     2021-07-22
Bottle caps are used to seal bottles. Arnoldjet inkjet printer manufacturers have been supplying bottle cap QR code UV inkjet printers for a long time. Independent research and development, production and sales. The equipment is used in the beverage industry and can be printed on beverage bottle caps. The dimension code contains a large amount of information, most of which include important marking information such as the name of the manufacturer, the person in charge, contact information, the address of the manufacturer, and the product code. The inkjet system adopts multi-level temperature control technology, which makes the printing temperature of UV ink more stable and improves the applicability of the system in various environmental temperature changes. When the bottle cap two-dimensional code UV inkjet printer has stable equipment and good printing effect, the variable two-dimensional code scanning rate printed by the product bottle cap inkjet printer is 99.9%, after supporting automatic visual inspection, alarm, and rejection equipment It can achieve a 99.9% pass rate of good products (guarantee that the QR code can be scanned). The QR code is characterized by containing Chinese characters, and the content that can be stored is very rich. At the same time, according to its code system characteristics, the scanning speed is faster. There are many more food and beverages, bottle bodies, bottle caps, and bottle bottoms in China. use. Bottle caps are an important part of food and drink packaging, and they are also the first place consumers come into contact with products. Bottle cap two-dimensional code UV inkjet printer (SP-8800), with the preservation of content and article airtight performance, so it is widely used in bottled products, so the bottle cap is the upstream of the food, beverage, wine, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Industry is the key product of bottle container packaging.
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