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Because of the development of digital printing and ink-jet printing ink market, printing consumables

by:Arojet     2021-05-05
Takeaway: there is no doubt that digital printing got good grades in every market, followed by the development of inkjet ink also follow a rising tide lifts all boats, which kind of product is LED uv ink. The sun chemical notice, LED uv ink and water-based ink jet ink is inkjet ink manufacturer to win the important growth areas. This kind of product of the needs of the regional, since it has environmental advantage, have been many large companies on the market keen attention. Over the years, due to the energy curing light sources and ink technology continues to progress, the sun chemical SunJet department developed a series of completely through the LED uv light curing printing ink. The sun chemical has an engraved with ink, it can only be used in single channel LED uv light. In addition, the applications of narrow web printing, they have a kind of ink, can use ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (leds) for curing, formation of needlepoint drops, optimize the printing effect, also can by use other suitable light source, completely cured. SunJet department LED uv ink is the sun chemical co Crystal and EtiJet part of product series. Water-based ink in the future, at the same time, there is big business, sun chemical, the ink in the near future will become mainstream, and is expected to more than solvent inkjet ink. In terms of technical development, the LED uv ink and water-based ink is the focus of research and development. In addition, the emulsion ink market is growing, and the development of this area is open the industry knowledge of aqueous inks. The sun chemical to Streamline brand sales all solvent and solvent ink products. In addition, due to the traceability is required for the supply chain, all kinds of data in China market is undergoing a huge change, the opportunity of ink also increases correspondingly, sun chemical SunJet department said, if talk about future growth opportunities, ink enterprise focused on the real packaging products and business development technology market of printing ink printing. These areas for UV ink and the requirements of the water-based ink exist at the same time, the specific choice depends on the application, and in some cases, may also be a mix of two kinds of technology. With existing customers and new customers start using LED technology to further expand the printing application, EFI LED ink products corresponding to get fast growth. They found that the digital printing in the narrow web label, will be a significant growth areas in the future, because the label market is from analog to digital transformation of the way forward. EFI company Jetrion online die-cutting system have been added to the narrow web printing press, the improvement of production efficiency and convenience, so can finish more digital business. The requirement of small batch, fast turnover, more and more target market segment, and the differentiation of regional and seasonal demand also promotes the development of digital printing. By the same token, wide and super wide printing machine also obtained the sustained growth. The printer can print outdoor advertising, selling advertising, interior decoration and more products, packaging sample. Due to the digital printing to be cost-effective to small batch production, material quality can achieve higher level than ever before, so for marketing and opens the different printing enterprises, the door of the application of new technology. As the world's major industrial uv inkjet ink manufacturers, EFI ink business steady double-digit growth is in line with the trend. Ink-jet printing is a rapidly growing industry, Wikoff color see rapid growth in the market, they think that digital printing has been or is into many different markets, ought to treat these market segmentation. Digital label printing, such as last year come into the market gradually began to be cause for concern, stronger growth, at the same time, the growth rate of industrial printing area is good. In the field of art of printing, for a specific solution requirements of printing is higher. As a company that actively engage in wide digital printing technology research, Bordeaux, notice the uv printing products, as well as the freight is low, the collapsible volume approach soft signs the market is on the rise. Therefore, Bordeaux for uv printing market for kinds of uv ink printers provided products. Besides the above several companies, more ink enterprise stand said in a different perspective to the understanding of a growth market: dupont textile digital printing forecast, business office and high-speed inkjet printing will have strong growth, therefore is to invest in these areas, in 2013, they in Iowa fort Madison production of black ink. Collins ink jet ink company found that the existing market is showing the growth of the past, some new areas of the market began to rise, and presents the fast growth. Fuji North America, the company said all areas in rapid growth, especially the logo printing, display board printing and packaging and printing field development is significant. INX see is that while the market to the uv ink and water-based ink development has become a trend, but at the same time, the global market continues to super wide and wide printing ink solvent is still showing. The inkjet ink company digital inkjet business achieve tremendous growth in recent years, most of the growth comes from the digital publishing business, such as high speed screen printing and publishing. Sensient video technology company that in terms of scale, and the specific case of digital printing label and printing business. And according to the survey, the end user prefer to plug and play type of solution, and don't want to bother to delve into the machine itself. And because each printing machine all have their own characteristics, can provide a compatible with specified printer, and don't need to technical personnel to install or use the solution is very necessary. China packaging net
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