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Be ready for 4 d _ printer printer era

by:Arojet     2021-05-06
Introduction: recently business cycle in China, EFI ( ElectronicsforImaging) Announced that the new system is developed, not 3 d, but 4 d printing machine. 3 d is the three dimensional three high, plus time to become a 4 d, constitute four dimensions. 4 d printing and our 2 d print more close to publish dynamic, can use the concept of 4 d to 2 d, let now into a new realm for digital printing, remains to be seen. 4 d printing system structure, including the new design 4 dvutek printers, plus a Fiery server, plus PrintFlow control time coordinates. Function is based on 3 d printing spindle, piled into physical objects with special ink excessive packaging, but the operation way is different from general 3 d printing, 4 d can be two-way operation, in accordance with the time moving on, can also delete the time back error, again again. EFI the team, in accordance with dense, brown said the technology would completely change the digital printing market entity object attachment processing, it will also have sprung up digital printing the new technical requirements. Is the key to this technology breakthrough, in the work has already started to handle before submission. Printing plant in New Zealand is a customer, a year after installed, buy the reason is to see impressive, because may submit work at any point in time. Such a brief press release it doesn't seem like the map printing, can't imagine system operation and operation, it leads to problems. Like rewind operation, that has been printed forming thing how to delete, is melting? Didn't submitted to how to deal with other work, at any point in time can submit work what concept? These is a type of the check for errors, or formal production? But consider packing design, three-dimensional space and time is known as the time and space, simple explanation is that different times have different space, a complete 3 d printing is according to order, time can be as a constant, 4 d seems to be not in accordance with the overall order running history, each point in time can print different parts of the object. If so, the key will fall on the design of the printing, to add the time element to the appropriate location. This is just speculation, not necessarily correct, hope the EFI provide more information. Fourth dimensional in different fields have different fonts, software named 4 d, a music company called 4 d, in literature and novels on the subject of 4 d, 3 d film with a movement or a water jet spray called 4 d film. As for the 4 d printing, last year there was different from the concept of EFI. At the Massachusetts institute of technology ( MIT) Stratasys cooperation with 3 d printing company software, printing, 3 d objects but not add the time element in the operation process, but add the time element in post-press link, also is the 3 d printing, after the time element began to play a role. At MIT to combination of other packaging in the lab, a strip will be combined into various shapes, will bend a piece of plastic, they will be combined into a few square structure, glass ball rolled into pieces, then shake up return to original state. These objects are 3 d printing product CD, combination is printed after the action, by simple environment external forces such as time, vibration, temperature, water, combined into different shape and structure, does not need any energy consumption, such as electricity. MIT research emphasis is not CTP printing process in China, and in the printing material, several kinds of materials are mixed together, giving the physical and biological operation procedures, like writing computer software, now write software of the printed material cutting, print the entity objects, in accordance with the time or changes in the environment driving software program, objects do different action with combination. The research purpose is to apply the flexible 3 d printing, no longer every time print a fixed object, instead of after printing to separate objects. Application field is very wide printing detection, can think of a robot, repetitive actions by material in the program, and as building materials, small print combined into larger structure on its own. Replacing energy power, with the advantages of the intelligent material should be the final research goal. Leap day inkjet printing
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