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BASF( Basf) The launch of two new inkjet printing ink

by:Arojet     2021-05-02
< P >巴斯夫( Basf) Company nearly used for ink jet printing for its Bafixan P100HS printing ink added two new members of the family. The Xtra Black ( Black) In stark contrast to other colors, is a kind of high strength color ink. Another kind of ink is turquoise, can be directly printed novel green hues. The turquoise and the actual process of the same color, ink more bright, more green than others. < / P > < P > Bafixan P100 HS series printing ink from yellow, red, shallow red, blue, shallow blue, blue, black and super black and gray nine kinds of color composition, covers the entire transfer printing chromatography. They can also be used for direct printing. New add two tonal make BASF company able to provide complete JiaGongHu inside and outdoor CMYK color palette. BASF company inkjet team leader Gemot Diehlmalm, said: 'flags and parasols outdoor products such as demand is very high in the quality of printing. They are directly exposed to the sun for a long time and all kinds of climate. This light molecules through photochemical process, which leads to the color change is what we usually call fade. 'so BASF company specially developed for processing the product with high color fastness of outdoor products. Use Bafixan P100 HS series of yellow, red, blue, and black ink fastness level up to level 7, use the ink printed fabric after a few months can remain in the outdoor bright colors. The color fastness good ink also can be used to transfer printing which fiber clothing and sportswear. < / P > < P > both within JiaGongHu supplies and outdoor products, available BafixanP100 HS printing ink in the vast majority of polyester and polyamide fabric surface for rapid and reliable printing. Even at high speed, can obtain high resolution, colorful printing. < / P > < P > < / P > < P > < / P > < P > < / P >
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