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Automated QR code inkjet printer can solve coding problems in all walks of life

by:Arojet     2021-07-28
With the development of artificial intelligence technology, the degree of intelligent automation of inkjet printers is constantly improving. It solves many uncertain problems in the process of traditional inkjet printers. First of all, the automatic inkjet printer can be seamlessly connected with the production line, which makes the inkjet printer a part of the production line. In terms of production speed, high efficiency can be realized faster, and the recently emerging QR code inkjet printer has attracted the attention and favor of entrepreneurs. How to print the variable data of two-dimensional codes in the food industry is becoming more and more popular. If two-dimensional code printers want to print on food, they need to start coding after the food is packaged. Basically, food codes are marked after packaging. As far as the current food market is concerned, variable data dimension code printers are the most used ones. All because of the high degree of automation of the self-equipment, stable production at high speed, and good code assignment effect, the two-dimensional code printed is clear, and the recognition rate can reach more than 90% and other advantages are liked by enterprises. To a certain extent, its appearance has saved a lot of production costs and labor costs for entrepreneurs. Automated two-dimensional code inkjet printers far exceed other types of products in terms of professionalism and quality, and can better solve coding problems in various industries. Therefore, it is very important to equip the production line with automatic UV inkjet printers. And it is beneficial and harmless to the production speed.
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