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Australian scientists have developed memory ink printing can be used for inkjet printing field, printing machinery

by:Arojet     2021-04-28
Takeaway: along with the rapid development of digital printing, inkjet printing technology has been widely used, and how much to give a full play to the superiority of the ink jet printing technology also becomes the important topics the personage inside course of study. Australian scientists have developed a memory in the ink. Ink it is understood that the memory to store large amount of information, and by ink jet printing technology on the surface of medium. The transparent appearance, by countless size is only one over ten thousand of the diameter of a human hair ceramic cube. These ceramic cube with rare minerals cerium oxide as the material, the size of each only 10 nanometers. Materials science and engineering department in the university of new south wales leading scientist professor SeanLi revealed that the size of a standard stamps storage unit can accommodate two trillion ceramic cube. In the solution or the inkjet printer on the surface of the contact medium, the cube will automatically restructuring. Professor Li also revealed that nano cube in microelectronics have unique physical properties, can be used as a resistance type random storage device. At present, the listed company's Strategic Elements have been allowed to further develop the technology and commercialise it. Said Charles Murphy, director of the management of the company, we think this technology on a global scale with other products can't compare with broad market. This is a new potential high performance memory storage. Murphy also says the technology will not only confined to the ink-jet printing field. It can also be applied to the high-tech manufacturing processes, such as aerosol spray and roll to roll printing processing. Regeneration time
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