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Application of variable data bar code variable inkjet printer in RFID label industry

by:Arojet     2021-07-22
In the past, there was basically no relationship between product shelves and consumers. Nowadays, consumers prefer simple packaging and prefer clean, clear and relatively transparent labels. All these changes are due to changes in the shopping experience of consumers. More and more people pay more attention to small-port product packaging and take-out meals in their lives and journeys. Packaging must keep up with the trend. The post-90/00 generation is an army of outsourcing consumers. This generation of aboriginals who are undoubtedly online needs to work hard on labeling how to attract their attention. Labels and packaging use variable data barcodes to enhance the consumer experience. At this time, NFC and RFID technologies appear. Among them, air travelers experience the embedding of variable data barcode RFID tags on luggage tags. With this change, hundreds of millions of dollars will be produced every year RFID tags are designed, and business is everywhere. RFID tags are also used in the fast fashion apparel industry, leisure and entertainment event ticket industry, etc. RFID tags add more relevant information to the existing packaging technology, and can be read by the current advanced smart phones, the Internet, and the Internet of Things. So that the packaging has a larger information capacity. To print variable data barcodes on RFID tags, only one inkjet printer with a variable data system is needed. Enterprises must establish variable data collection and input terminals at the same time, and at the same time establish a corresponding database on the Internet to store and proofread data , Quickly give consumers authenticity confirmation. RFID tags are also involved in multiple markets such as medicine, medical equipment, retail, manufacturing, and transportation, and their tracking and tracing capabilities are favored by the market.
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