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Application of two-dimensional code online roll-to-roll coding technology in cigarette packs

by:Arojet     2021-07-27
In the packaging and printing industry, cigarette packet printing technology is one of the fastest fields with high gold content and the fastest promotion and application of new technologies. At present, the mainstream printing technologies in the cigarette pack industry include gravure plate-making technology, digital printing technology, and two-dimensional code online roll-to-roll coding technology. The function of packaging and printing is to attract consumers' attention with special effects, strengthen brand image, and highlight the quality of goods. Product packaging can also achieve effects that electronic media advertisements cannot. Two-dimensional code online roll-to-roll coding technology realizes variable data printing. Two-dimensional code can contain anti-counterfeiting data, anti-fleeing data and traceability data, etc. The advantages of gravure printing and data printing technology do not require plate making, instant printing, instant error correction, and on-demand printing, which will help printing companies achieve the beautiful effects that brand owners expect. With the development of the Internet of Things technology, the QR code has become the most convenient entrance for physical objects and entities to connect to the Internet by virtue of its ability to store a large amount of information and link to the Internet, and thus is widely used in fast-moving consumer goods markets. The two-dimensional code online roll-to-roll printing technology guarantees the speed and quality of the two-dimensional code in the case of roll-to-roll printing, that is, the gravure printer equipped with the online coding system is the same as the ordinary concave printer. It has not been affected, and even at high speeds, the quality of the QR code can be fully guaranteed.
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