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Application of product identification QR code in furniture industry


"There is no attitude when there is no anti-counterfeiting enterprise, no responsibility without attitude, and the brand without responsibility is not called brand." This sentence is said to be from Mr. Ma Yun. It is said that this wooden furniture has the reputation of aristocrats in furniture in the local market, or It has become more and more out of the furniture category, which is equivalent to collectibles and even investment products. It is difficult to find out that the collection has no certain vision, because its value has been repeatedly speculated by the market, but the market has shoddy and disrupted the market. The "Redwood Commodity 2D Barcode Traceability and Anti-Counterfeiting Technical Requirements" effectively curbs the chaos of the market, and the product identification QR code is once again escorted in the furniture industry.

For the wooden furniture "Redwood commodity two-dimensional bar code traceability and anti-counterfeiting technical requirements" should be born, the redwood industry will fully popularize the Traceback QR code coding equipment. After the customer buys the mahogany furniture, as long as the product identification QR code is scanned, the product details, production date, material materials and profiles of the furniture can be known. : Product identification two-dimensional code through the two-dimensional code traceability technology code has a large storage capacity, high traceability, strong confidentiality, strong damage resistance, operability and practicality, can ensure the upstream and downstream links in the trace range The effective transmission, the QR code traceability system provides protection for goods, facilitates the circulation and re-circulation of goods in the market, and reduces the cost of trust. The uniqueness of the original furniture products is fully guaranteed, and the information between the furniture and the consumers is more transparent.

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